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  1. Never been in a multiple-car accident before... glad to hear you're not hurt. Your skin's showing real improvement- a good way to start the New Year!
  2. Haven't updated in awhile so here's a quick summary of how my course is going: Returned to my doctor, who subsequently prescribed me a 20mg daily dose of Accutane, to be increased further if no improvement or significant side effects occur. Apparently he's a firm believer in the "slow but steady" course of treatment and doesn't want to give me the 60mg dose he intends to work me up to right away. In good news, went to Miami over the winter break and partied in South Beach for NYE with some f
  3. Good luck on Accutane! I was using Clarithromycin as an antibiotic treatment for awhile as well, and saw little results. Hopefully this will work out for both of us!
  4. Today is Day 30, and I have been blessed with decidedly drier skin, dry lips, and the biggest pimple you've ever seen right between my eyebrows. I returned to my doctor, who wanted to introduce the 40mg dosage more gradually, so he told me to take two of the 10mg pills daily (20mg) and return in six weeks. I wasn't super happy about this plan, and explained that it's not that I'm drug-happy, but that I fear the breakout that comes with each dosage change. I've started taking the antibiotics ag
  5. happygilmore: Thanks for the heads-up. On that note, it's Day 23 and my skin has cleared considerably again, except for one large blemish right in the middle of my forehead. Thank God I have bangs; this is frustrating! I'm going to start work in a upscale restaurant as soon as my exams finish (tommorow) and I don't want my skin to look all blotchy and bumpy, so I've started applying a little BP over my face at night. I thought it might over-dry my skin but it seems to be doing fine- my toner i
  6. Just want to mention that, before you bring in a tape recorder to class, to check your local laws. In Canada it's illegal to tape record classroom conversations.
  7. Aaargghhh... I spoke too soon. Either my skin had a relapse, or this is the actual IB starting up. I don't understand, it was working so well! Anyways, when I went to my dermatologist, he thought my doctor was crazy for prescribing me such a low dosage and explained that my acne would most likely return after I finished the course of Accutane if I continued with the 10mg. To be honest, I never really understood why the common dosages on this site ranged from 60-80mg; he explained how the dosa
  8. Wow... I've got a lot of family in teaching, and they would be shocked to hear what you're going through. First thing is definitely to make sure records exist of you going to guidance/principal and speaking with them about this particular teacher. Lodge complaints, and make sure they get recorded even if they aren't listened to. I agree with the above, ask a friend to come with you one session and back up your claims of how this is affecting your personal life and reiterate how you expect the
  9. Today is Day 14, and I couldn't be happier. I heard that Accutane usually starts to work in 3-4 weeks, but I've had only minor whiteheads since my IB and now I find myself picking at my blackheads for lack of anything else! My blemishes also heal much quicker than before Accutane; this is something others have mentioned as well. I've reduced my dosage of antibiotics to one a day, am still using the Differin cream at night with La Roche-Posay 30SPF sunscreen moisturizer during the day, and ha
  10. Try using Secaris... it's like a jelly to lubricate inside your nose. My brother used it with much success, but he's going to have his nose cauterized (his dryness was not caused by Accutane.) Good luck!
  11. I'm on 10mg.... we started around the same time, so I hope we see some real improvement together! I don't know too much about Accutane treatment, but I'm learning as I go along. I've found that SpectroJel is an awesome cleanser, and a lot of people seem to like Cetaphil moisturizer. it's cheap and cheerful, just right for a student budget (I'm going broke because of my skin.) Good luck!
  12. LuckyST: Thanks for visiting my log, I'm going to start watching yours to get an idea of what I'm going to go through... so far, it doesn't sound horrible and I'm happy to hear you've seen some improvement, though maybe not as much as you'd like. I was just thinking, maybe it wasn't the Accutane that made you go red from the wine; my mom's face and neck both get flushed and splotchy after drinking certain red wines (only reds, not whites- it has to do with the tannins in the wine). Just a th
  13. Lucky ST: It's great to hear from someone who's had success with a low dosage. I'd say the majority of people using Accutane on this site are using dosages of 40mg+, and it's hard to predict whether I'll start to experience certain side effects or see some real improvement with my prescription. I definitely will check out your log, thanks. Did you experience any additional breakouts when you upped your dosage? And tell me the name please- I need to buy some of that cream! In other news, it's
  14. Today is Day 5, and so far I haven't experienced much dryness, except on my lips. I had one big zit on my chin that popped up yesterday, but is now just a red mark. I'm going to an army Christmas Ball this Saturday night so I hope I don't break out until afterwards! That's it for now... back to self-tanning...
  15. Just wondering... I get really pale when I haven't been tanning in awhile, but I know that it's unadvisable to use sunbeds or get a lot of sun exposure while on Accutane. I want to use self-tanner for a big event coming up soon, but I'm afraid of breaking out from it. Anyone have any experience in this?