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  1. Hey try Purpose Bar Soap...i think its Great, it's mild and cleans Very well!
  2. I heard you were supposed to wait 20-30mins after washing your face to apply taz...I don't think your skin is completely dry after only 5-10mins...but ask your derm to make sure
  3. Try and get your derm to prescribe Cleocin T Lotion...its lightweight, but does the job!
  4. I'm not too sure, but maybe an Omega 3 pill would help with absorption...since it's composed of fat (healthy fat).
  5. hey sadsadsad, how bad was your acne and did 20mg a day completely clear your face? Oh, and were your lips extremely dry or slightly? Thanks
  6. Wow that is scary, well its a fairly new drug (made in the early 80's) so we're basically the guinea pigs.
  7. Here's another interesting article of a low dosage (20mg) being effective http://feeds.feedburner.com/reuters/UKHealthNews?m=2369
  8. yeah I'd like to know too; does vit E become toxic at such high levels (6,000 IU) or does it just further decrease side effects while on Accutane?
  9. chris: WOW, do you experience bad dry lips and/or dry face?
  10. Yeah when I start Accutane I'm going to take 1000mg of Vitamin E and 1000mg of Flaxseed Oil daily. Hopefully it will minimize the side effects.
  11. sehnsucht 67...wow that's great, did the vitamin E alleviate any dryness in your face or lips?
  12. Hey does anyone know if taking Flaxseed Oil + Vitamin E will help alleviate some side effects on Accutane? Specifically Dryness and Inflammation (skin, lips, body). Thanks