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  1. My freckles just flaked off

    I found this treatment to be great for hyper-pigmentation -performed in a Dermatologist Clinic NOT A SALON!! TAKE CARE HERE PEOPLE 2 days after the treatment, whilst gently washing my face I noticed that the sun damaged and darker spots literally flaked off. It also helped with some hyper-pigmentation from some old acne scars, looking forward to round 2. If you are going to invest in IPL then do your research as to the qualifications of the person and the machine used. Not all are the same. In
  2. Fractional Co2 laser resurfacing Active FX (not Fraxel)

    There are so many different types of laser treatments and pros and cons for each. -> Ablative (most intense, more down time) Erbium YAG or fractionated CO2 -> Non-ablative (more gentle, little down time) NdYAG, Fraxel I attended a Dermatologist, for moderate scar treatment. He recommended a combination of IPL for the pigment from sun damage and acne scars as well as Fractional Co2 laser (Active FX is the brand name) for collagen restoration of the scars (this happens over 3 to
  3. NO!! definitely not, but I have read for atrophic scars that these topicials can be good. I started using the Scar Esthetique myself yesterday, It has Retin A + Silicone (amongst other ingredients) I am really hoping it helps my scars fill in. I also read on this site about people seeing Atrophics fill in with Super Cop 2x - it's recomeneded for skin re-modelling. Just trying to help ...
  4. I have read great things about Scar Esthetique gel treatment, as well as Super COP - it might be worth trying topicals before going down the laser /ipl root - which can (in my own experience) make your skin MORE scarred if in the wrong hands. Also, said treatments are generally only suitable to those in the "Fitzpatrick Scale" of skin.
  5. Just wondering if like me anyone else (in an effort to help their acne) has been left with atrophic (deep dishes) scars from an ipl/laser treatment?
  6. The thoughts of attending a cosmetic surgeon is a bit scary, u originally attended the clinic for some small icepicks but was talked into this Rf for some acne. I've already handed over a good sum of money to this clinic, she's not offered aby refund I kind of feel committed to let her try to fix with the Restylane...
  7. So a couple of weeks ago I went for this treatment (also called Sebaceous Gland Ablation) http://www.clearskin.ie/Default.aspx?PageID=13805535&A=SearchResult&SearchID=1694964&ObjectID=13805535&ObjectType=1 I had 5 lesions/spots/stubborn acne treated. Now I am left with deep scars. They heal and shed (4/5 day cycle) and the scar is visible again - never actually filling in or healing completely. The nurse who performed the treatment tells m
  8. I don't recommend this treatment. I had 5 single areas treated, stubborn cystic types, 1.5 weeks ago. They scabbed and shed, and now I am left with scarring way worse than what was there before. On the larger cysts the practitioner zapped each pore about 5 times (in the vids on-line I see each pore is zapped only once by the Dr.). The pores in question are now wide open and frantically trying to close, I doubt they will fill in. I am using Tretinoin Gel (Retinol A), Salicylic 2% pads & Copp