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  1. Anyone who is/has been on these two medications, please tell me how your experience was! I just finished week two and my skin is definitely more dry, but it's not too bad because I do moisturize and that helps. I have noticed a few new small pimples and I know that could be the initial breakout because it's pushing all the bumps under my skin, through. Just wondering what I should expect based on your experiences? if it's worth it to stick through. I never had acne growing up, just recently I s
  2. hey! so about a week ago I went to my dermatologist and she gave me samples of aczone (to use in the morning) and epiduo (to use at night). I'm using up all the samples before i spend the money on full size because I want to make sure this stuff actually works. All my life I've had clear skin, it was definitely something i really admired about myself. My skin was always normal but dry in the winter. Once I hit my twenties I would notice i'd get a little breakout around my time of month, nothing