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  1. I actually went through a treatment for accutane 2 years ago and I must say it worked wonders, amazing no depression side affects, no crap I recommend it. Anyways now I am battling with left over scars and I have pretty deep ones, I notice alot of went throughout the year after i finished with accutane treament but I have alot of deep dented scars, I was wondering if drinking lemon juice with lukewarm water twice a day or with each glass drop one teaspoon of lemon juice will work? Anyone kno
  2. i finished my first treatment on febraury 16th of this year and my face is improving still but i wanna know whether i continue using a facewash or just leave it to heal on its own. how many ppl continued using a facewash after accutane and it had no problem?
  3. I started my first treatment on september 20th 2006 and will finish in 5 months which is february 20th, I have about 1 month and a half to go so I was wondering, I havnt seen much improvement but how long should I wait after the treatment is done to start another treatment because I hear that it worked for people even after it was done and what is the reason it works after
  4. how are you always so sure of it. just because it didn't happen to you, and it's very rare, doesn't mean there is no link. didnt happen to me either just dry lips and skin there is no link I believe. I believe its psychology of the mind thats fooling you to believe that it is accutane. you probably feel down like anyone does from time to time or bored you can be depressed if u were depressed even before accutane and if ur feeling down and believe accutane is doing it the psychology ur d
  5. use Nivea face wash double action if u have it in your area thats good for minor acne and removed redness in me
  6. thanks ok i gotta say i been on accutane for 2 months and 1 week not and there isnt alot of improvements, when I first started accutane I didnt have much and not on my forehead but like a month later I started to get breakouts and I havnt seen the magical thing everyone talks about my brother has been on it and its gone for him so I guess i gotta be patient till the 5 months are over
  7. Can u use a facewash when on accutane or have any of you guys tried? and does it help?