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  1. mousey you sound sexy. PM me haha jsut joking. But 5'2''s not that bad and JC - guy or girl?
  2. just wait for him to get older and you to get older. Trust me i was abused as a child but I dont really blame my dad for anything, me and my brother were some crazy kids. Im 19 and I still have to listen to him, "no u cant go out today" and so on. But really I could care less, my dad works hard and provides me a life in which im not deprived of anything. 13s still young, wait a little bit and your dadll eventually become more relaxed and easy going. Just be a kid, go to school and dont let
  3. TMM

    scar sexy

    look at it this way acne scars are better than the acne itself ! I have a scar under my right eye from hockey when i was in gr 7 and ive been commented on it alot of times, girls tell me to make up some badass story to go with it. As for acne scars I dont have many only some minor ones, just blemishes to go with them. Eitherway im a pretty happy person even when I had severe acne people treated me the same as before and laughed at my jokes. acnes what you make of it! you dont see people i
  4. hah you cant help but laugh at little kids. Theyre just plain honest, when my acne was severe some people would tell me about it and then others would stick up for me and say "dont u think he knows, he does look in the mirror" I dont know how people can be so ignorant sometimes, but I guess if someones never had acne or knows someone close with it they probably assume theres a simple solution. I love how others with acne experience dont discriminate. I know even if i go 100% clear one day
  5. havent even heard of it, I use aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion with oatmeal and menthanol. Doesnt make my face too oily and doesnt feel heavy when applied.
  6. Tersaseptic face wash 3 times a day 4g of B5 split 4 times a day w/ 2 b50 complexes Dans BP for spot treatment
  7. I have some scars on my shoulders from previous acne more than a year ago, im going to see if aloe vera can help there. I might be forced to go to a dermatologist if it doesnt, through my entire time with acne Ive never gone to a dermatologist. Never really trusted them as they have more of a trial and error approach.
  8. Yea. Thats why now Ive limited my use of BP to only active pimples. Im trying a new regiment (always experimenting) now and it seems to be going fairly well. Im going to give it a month and see how well it works, my cousin suggested it to me and says everyone in her family uses it. Hopefully genes are on my side this time.
  9. when my acne used to be alot worse my cousin would ask what the red bumps are and another cousin would point to a scab and say look I have what you have. I mean children dont know any better, ive also heard at times when my acne seems to be undercontrol, "you look really clean" or "youre really good looking" funny how something like acne can control how people percieve us to a certain extent.
  10. ive bought mine from www.swansonvitamins.com now im down to 4g a day, taking 2 pills 4 times a day, and b50 complex morning andnight. I dont think b5s really been the asnwer to my pimples because ive drastically cut down from 15g in a short period of time. I think its jsut me washing my face 3 times a day and working out everymorning. Now I havemild acne and some blemishes.
  11. I dont know, proactiv worked for me but was limited. My cousin on the other hand had an allergic reaction to the BP and is left with major scars. Dans regiment works jsut aswell as proactiv and is alot cheaper IMO.
  12. Yeah, olay is pretty good but it does leave a white cast on my skin sometimes... I use the olay complete for combination/oily skin. I wonder if the olay lotion designed for whatever skintype makes a difference (if that even makes sense at all)... I've also been using FOTE aloe vera gel, but recently I started wondering if it was actually giving me any protection from the sun. Does anyone know? I think it might, but I'm not sure... I use aveeno daily moisturizer without SPF and I l
  13. hey, thanks for the reply...I think I might try this out first... http://www.acne.org/rate_item.php?item_id=241&page=4 Seems like it could work.
  14. Ok so I used to have acne on my back around my shoulders, more so on one side. My backs been relatively clear for awhile now maybe close to 1.5years with the occasional pimple due to heavy backpack. I thought that the blemishes and scars would heal themselves but theyre still there. I hate the scars, even though I dont have bacne anymore the scars make it look like I do. Does anyone know of any products that help remove scars?
  15. unless ur just beginning to use BP, it shouldnt itch. ...if something on my face itches it usually means im gonna get a pimple.