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  1. Does anyone else thing that Acne is something that is so downplayed in society?? No wonder we all feel so shit and alone when the the only time you ever hear about acne in everyday life is when Elle Magazine is talking about how it was so hard for certain celebs to deal with their Acne (and so hard to be famous and so hard to live in mansions and to be able to buy the best food, skin care etc). It's funny how they very rarely feature anyone like us.... Everyday men and women who are literally un
  2. New to this, so not too sure what to say but i'm having trouble trying to talk to the people closest to me in real life. I'm 21 years old and for the past 8 years I have struggled heavily with acne and then even worse with the acne scarring I have which is quite severe. Unable to find work after University, I recently was given a Christmas Temp job in a shop and 4 days into it and I have had to quit! I could not stand having to keep catching a glimpse of my face in the mirrors in the shop! I als