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  1. Hi, I just started taking Pantethine 2 days ago and so far don't really see any difference on my face. But I do find that since I started taking Pantethine, my appetite has increased tremendously. I feel hungry all the time now!! Has anyone else had this experience with Pantethine? I take 900mg per day (300mg after each meal). Is it normal for your appetite to increase while on pantethine?
  2. Hi, You can get Pantethine from this website in the UK http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/shop...word=pantethine Although I found it cheaper to actually order it from the US. I got 2 bottles of Now Foods 300mg (60 in each) at £17 including shipping from iHerb.com. Also, google for discount coupons for iHerb.com and you can get $5 off for first time customers. Hope it helps!!
  3. Thanks...I'll try what you did and hopefully it works!!
  4. Hi, I am 28 years old and used to have severe acne. I went on Accutane for about a year+ and it has cleared up my skin pretty well. I still have mild breakouts but nothing as bad as what it used to be. Anyways, I have noticed that for the past few months, most of my breakouts have been concentrating in the area between my eyebrows. And it's more always the same ones which resurface at least once a month. I never used to have breakouts there even when I had severe acne. Does anyone have the same
  5. I was on a lower dose...10mg per day for about a year. My derm had to lower my dose coz my cholesterol level kept going high. The only difference with a lower dose per day is that the course would be longer but as long as you reach your recommended overall dose which is based on your weight then the results will be the same...only takes longer. For me though, within 6 months my skin cleared up but I had to complete my course to prevent breakouts again.
  6. Bowel cleansing is really important for good skin...you'd be surprised how many people actually have problems with their bowels... This is a safe, healthy and natural way to clean your bowels and lead a healthy life...plus it doesn't cost a thing: METHOD OF TREATMENT 1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water 2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes 3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal. 4. Afte
  7. Has anyone tried Twisted Fayte? Am thinking of ordering that but wanna know if its good before I do so...Thanks
  8. I am not sure if you guys have heard of this plant called Neem. It can be found in India and it has a lot of healing properties. I have had acne for more than 13 years and really bad ones at that too. Recently I went on Isotretenoin and it seems to help clear my skin. But one thing which has definitely helped me a lot is using Neem as masque on my face...My face definitely looks a hell lot better after I use it. I try to use it everyday but 2-3 times a week is also fine. It's best if you get t
  9. I am currently on isotretenoin...am wondering if taking B5 with it will have any adverse effect? The isotretonoin works quite well on me...acne has drastically reduced but I wonder if I stop taking it will I start having acne again?...which is why I am considering taking B5. I have been on all the different types on antibiotics for as long as I can remember and almost all work while I am on it but a few months after I am off them, acne returns so I'm pretty fed-up.