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  1. Hello guys, so long story short: I've been taking birth control for nearly 9-10 months now. I got through the initial breakout stage. My skin is no longer oily. But I still get pimples (sometimes even cystic acne) regularly. And going on birth control really magnifies my anxiety problem and makes me need to take meds. Recently my doc puts me on antibiotics again because my breakout is getting more serious, which is pretty upsetting and confusing. I am considering giving up birth control and
  2. Hello guys! For the whole summer I've been trying to be gluten free and to cut out sugar or any junk food. At first it was great, I felt very proud of how clean my diet was. But after a while I started to feel emotionally stressed and deprived. I love bakery so much but it became off limits for me. Whenever I dined out with my friends or family, I had to pretend to be cool about choosing a salad instead of a pizza or pasta. The problem is that, the idea of these food being BAD for my acne m
  3. For me personally it would usually take around 3-4 weeks. It really takes time for the skin to calm down and for the inflammations to go down. But of course it also depends on your lifestyle and emotions I think!
  4. YES. Just a while back I tried taking a probiotics supplements and my skin flared up pretty badly. I still wasn't sure if the breakouts were directly linked to the probiotics but my skin did calm down after I stopped. But it could also be because of the cheese tho, in your case, since you have lactose intolerance. Just cut both away and see if the breakout would discontinue!
  5. Hi everyone, just wondering if any of you has ever tried taking maca root either in powder form or capsules for acne. I've been taking it for a little over a week. I only take 250mg every day. I haven't been breaking out in any cystic acne so far, it seems to have stopped. My skin also suddenly becomes a lot oilier than before, and my hair is also more greasy and thinning. It's crazy how much my skin can change in just a matter of a few days. I suspect that maca root may be encouraging th
  6. Hey guys, so I find it strange that the oil production of my face seems to be constantly changing even when I've been on the same birth control pills for the past 6-7 months. Two months in I had experienced a short period (about one week) of having literally ZERO oil production and my skin was drying like crazy. Steadily the oil came back to a normal level but I no longer considered myself having oily skin. This state lasted for quite a long while. The funny thing is that during that
  7. She especially recommends taking Vitamin B complex and also Zinc. Although according to her my acne is not about lacking in vitamins.
  8. In my personal opinions, it really depends on the root cause of your acne. Yes there are a lot of cases in which people experience great improvement from taking vitamins supplements. In fact I just visited a very experienced naturopath today and she too told me that a lot of her clients suffered from acne caused by lacking in certain nutritions and vitamins. But for me who get cystic acne, vitamins only serve to get my body healthier and my acne to heal better. I would say I see no harm in takin
  9. I'm currently on Yaz! But I think I will be going off of it really soon because of too many side effects. And it has also stopped giving me clear skin after the 4th month, sadly!
  10. I tried taking saw palmetto with my birth control pills for a little more than a month and during that time my skin got from being still fairly oily to absolutely beautiful and normal. I don't think saw palmetto can get all the credit since the birth control definitely played a big part, but it did help fasten things up and make a very big difference. Unfortunately I decided to go off of it after a short while because reducing my DHT levels also significantly reduced my sense of well being and g
  11. But do you think I should resolve to bioidentical hormones to ease my transition of getting off of birth control? I am wondering what hormones supplements they would give me to help me. Is it actually better for me to go from taking synthetic hormones from the oral contraceptive to taking bioidentical estrogen and progesterone, instead of just being off of them at once? (I don't take the pills for birth control, so the risk of pregnancy is not really a concern for me). I know this should be base
  12. Thank you so much for your detailed reply!! I really do appreciate it. Everything you said here makes so much sense to me, but honestly I really very scared to go off the pills, even though it gave me tons of side effects so far and also not helping with my breakouts. I know it would have to get worse before it gets better, but I'm so afraid that what if the acne would never heal again... What if I would be left with oily skin for the rest of my life... I just am not sure if I can bare the possi
  13. Thanks for your reply! However I don't think it's about age. A lot of people who take bioidentical hormones are older in age because their bodies start slowing down or having problems producing certain hormones. Yet for people who have PCOS or other hormonal imbalance issue because of many reasons such as coming off of birth control, I do think they (we) have special needs. I know a lot of people say herbs can help, like DIM or Vitex or Saw Palmetto etc... And I do believe that they do affect ou
  14. Hello guys, I think I'm losing the fight with birth control too. I've been on Yaz for almost 7 months already and yet things have just kept taking a turn for the worse for the last few months. First it was the acne. Continuous cystic acne every few days. And then I have sudden weight gain and bloating and increased appetite. It's all very bad. I am guessing that this all has to do with the birth control causing progesterone deficiency and estrogen dominance (although my estrogen level still n
  15. Hello guys I'm getting desperate here now. So I've been on Yaz for over six months already and ever since my fifth pack my acne has really token a turn for the worse. I mean WAY WORSE. For the past month I have been breaking out in cystic pimples and I get new ones coming up every few days. I didn't experience an initial breakout and my skin was clear for the first few months. Could this be a belated initial breakout?! Could it be that my body is reacting so slowly to the hormones that it