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  1. And how many A do you recommend? And other vitamins? I afraid about the sun and A vitamin , i have a lot of sun exposure for my job and sports ! In my country , is summer now and for the next 3 months , so i need trestmens without sun sensibility.
  2. Hi everyone , i have a new regimen for my not so bad acne (4/5 pimples around my chin , hormonal.. im a men , 22 years). firt of all , sory for my baddd english. in the past i took accutane , but you now , the acne is here again!! im try with BP , SA , antibiotics (a lot) , accutane , topical antibiotics , and a lot of other topicals. i NEVER try with vitamins or something like that , and well y try it now. my regimen is.. vitamin C - 1000mg vitamin
  3. Hi guys , im new in this forum! first of all , sorry for my bad english. I am using effaclar duo+ (im not from usa, dont have BP) , and this have salicylic acid (and other components) , and this does not work on my. my question is , tomorrow im going to beach for a few days , and im going to take sun.. i will not use more the efflacar duo+ (this donts works on me..) , but how long i have to wait for sunbathing? btw.. i can use green tea for the face while taking sun?? thanks guys! this