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  1. I hope it goes well for you! I was reading your posts and we seem to be going through similar changes. It will be nice to have someone going through the process at the same time as me!
  2. As of tomorrow I will have completed one month of my Accutane course. So far it's really hard to say if I've seen much improvement. About the third week in, I got an initial breakout on my cheeks/jawline, chin, and around my mouth. I've never had an issue with blackheads before but in the past couple weeks the pores in my t-zone have been filled with them. i'm assuming it's just the medicine clearing out all the gunk in my pores. I can say that the initial breakout has definitely calmed dow
  3. So I'm into my third week and before this, I hadn't noticed any huge changes in my skin besides it getting extremely oily, and I actually thought it was looking a little better. But I always knew the initial breakout would come and now it's here. I have huuuge pimples on each side of my cheeks, jawline, and chin. I was never one to get blackheads but now I have a ton on/around my nose, upper lip, and chin. The texture of my face feels terrible, really bumpy almost like sandpaper. That's definite
  4. So I'm now on my 10th day of Accutane, and so far I haven't really experienced any side effects. My lips are a little dry but nothing terrible so far. One thing I have noticed in the last couple days is that my skin is extremely oily, even more than before I started Accutane. It's always been oily but now there's like this thick layer of oil on my forehead/cheekbones. It almost makes my face feel sticky. I'm kind of surprised this is happening because I was expecting the complete opposite. I'm s
  5. kc52

    Introduction/Day 1

    I'm surprised your doctor is letting you do a 3rd round! Good luck! : ) My derm told me to take it with fat, but I guess I'm still unsure about how much fat I should take it with. I read your blog and saw what you eat with it, but I don't know if I'm willing to change my diet to have that much fat
  6. Hey everyone! This post is really long, but it's my first, so bear with me! So, I'm finally starting Accutane after literally years of putting it off (which I will get into later). I decided to start this blog because I personally was very skeptical of the drug and struggled with the idea of taking for a long time, and I know there are many others out there that feel the same way. I figured if I shared my journey then it may put others at ease, and I also want something to be able to track my p