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  1. Did your derm do a skin culture (they swab the skin and send it to the lab to check for bacteria) or a biopsy? Those are two ways that a physician can determine what type of bacteria (staff infections of the skin are more common than gram negative) is causing this. If your derm hasn't at least taken a skin culture, insist on one. In the mean time try putting ice compresses (ice cube wrapped in paper towel or wash cloth) on it two or three times a day for about 5 minutes each time and if y
  2. Your skin is reacting because your hormones are probably all over the place since quitting BCP's and Spiro then getting back on and also if you are perimenopausal, menopausal or post menopausal (fun isn't it). I would stick with the lower dosage of Spiro and see if that helps. You might consider trying Aczone topical (by prescription). There is a good thread on this under the Severe Acne forum. Your doctor can also test your blood to check your hormonal level and he should. Also you might want t
  3. Since this post was directly under my last I'm going to assume the question was directed to me. Even though I've suffered from this disease for many years I do not have a lot of scarring or hyperpigmentation. I think it would be worth a try if you have the left over red hyperpigmentation from previous acne as it did lighten the redness on existing blemishes. It's worth a try. Any scarring I have is non-bumpy but not red. It seems to work well for my skin type as far as redness is concerned. I
  4. Day six - Redness and inflammation decreased on most of the original blemishes. Only one or two have completely healed and 4 of the smaller ones are still there if you look closely. I've had some purging with about 4 or 5 new small slighly inflamed bumps which look like closed comedomes because they never come to a head. Overall the side of my face I've treated with Azone twice a day looks slightly worse than before I started. Some progress, but still breaking out more than usual. On the plus
  5. Just started Aczone four days ago and everyone posting their experiences is sooo helpful. I had a bad (for me) break out last week out of the blue and luckily I had a script for the Aczone and had it on hand. The breakout is on my cheek and jaw and consisted of at least 6 smallish red inflammatory zits. I noticed the redness has considerably faded and the swelling had gone down on four of them in about 3 days. You can still see them if you look very closely but they have healed quite a bit. The
  6. Welcome to the board! Injecting a cyst or nodule with cortizone (aka Kenalog) has been a treatment used for at least 25 or 30 years. I used to get many of these injections years ago and yes they work wonders. I guess it all depends on your pain tolerance. The injections I received in the fleshier parts of my face like cheeks or chin never really hurt but felt more like a little pinch. However, I once had one on the bridge of my nose where the skin is thinner and that one brought tears to my
  7. Kenalog the cortisone they use for the injections is a prescription drug and I've never seen it available on the internet. You would also need a syringe and you have to know how to dilute the drug, how to properly inject it and how much to put in. This is not a good idea at all. If you ever did find a source for Kenalog and injected yourself with the wrong amount, you could have a permanent dent in the your skin the size of the Grand Canyon.
  8. Some doctors will prescribe over the phone but others will not. My internist will call in a prescription for me but my dermatologist makes me come in for an appointment (unless it is a refill). He needs the money (sarcasm). It really depends on the physician. Since Aczone is so new he might want to see you before prescribing but you never know. Good luck!
  9. I just received a prescription for Aczone from my dermatologist. I currently don't have insurance so I called a couple of pharmacies for prices. Just wanted to let you guys know that CVS wanted $179 for the 30 gram tube and Walgreens $149 for the same size. So it pays to shop around to get the best price especially in this economy. I knew this drug was coming out soon and I'd like to thank the OP for posting this thread. You have helped alot of people by posting about the availabilty of this
  10. Going off bcp's gave me acne as an adult. Stopping the pill caused inflammatory acne and the occasional cyst and it kept getting worse.
  11. Yep, Prednisone is a steroid which is an anti-inflammatory and acts like hydrocortrisone in your body. It comes in dosages of 2.5 mg to 60 mg and is used for many other diseases such as arthritis. It is good to hear your skin is doing better each day, so you don't even need the steroid. Accutane was made for skin like yours and I'm gonna bet you see a very good outcome after your course. When you get a chance will you post some pics so we can see how you're doing?
  12. Yeah, 20 mgs. is a very low dose for your height, weight and acne severity. If your IB was really bad, I don't understand why your derm didn't prescribe a short course of prednisone. Now that will deflate the cysts. A really good derm would know this and it can be taken at the beginning of the accutane course to lessen the IB. Also many will prescribe an antibiotic short term (none of the cyclines though). Do you have any other health issues? Often derms start the first couple of months at a l
  13. You didn't say this cleanser was prescribed by your derm so I'm not sure what percentage of BP is in the cleanser. I'm assuming he also prescribed the Retin-A. What instructions did he give you for using these meds? You should follow his directions. If you are not sure, give his office a call and ask them to clarify. But if you are going to wear Retin A during the day, make sure you use a sunscreen.
  14. :/ i had a cyst under my lip once. Don't go straight to thinking its a cold sore because at first it was all red too. Then a few days later it came to a head. Turned out it was a pimple The difference was the pimple was UNDER your lip while cold sores appear on the lip itself or the edges of the lip. But you are right that it won't come to a typical whitehead just a nasty looking white sore with fluid, then it blisters and scabs.