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  1. Soon after I wrote this I did get one big spot on my chin that's just going now sighhh but I am due on my period so putting it down to that hopefully ! Torally ahree about bout being scared to celebrate and worried they will come back !
  2. I am happy to say that after months of posting on this forum frustrated that the regimen wasn't working and endless times wanting to quit as I write this I don't have a single spot on my face. I started the regimen in October 2015 and I would say the past two weeks started to notice I didn't have any new spots forming only one or two around my period. i did not follow the regimen to a T and when my cleanser ran out for the second time I started using cetaphil I only use a pea sized amount o
  3. Hi guys haven't posted on here in months however I started the regimen in November it's now March and I am nowhere near clear! dont get me wrong I have seen some improvement I rarely get spots on my chin anymore except one or two around my period and my chin was always my real problem area before. But I get these really annoy blind pimples on my cheeks the ones that take ages to come to a head so don't go away for weeks! And for some reason my face seems to alternate which side is bad and
  4. Hey, I have really bad hyperpigmentation on my face to the point where it looks like I am actually covered in spots when I wear no make up but at the moment in time my skin is relatively flat minus 2 or 3 bumps. some times it doesn't bother me cos it's much easier to cover than big raised pimples but it actually makes my skin look 10 X worse that it is. I bought the AHA as I heard it helps with that and cos of What I've read I've been to scared to try it out all over my face bu
  5. Hi I'm two months in to the rgimen and my skin is terrible !!! It started getting better around the 6 week mark and I was hopeful but now it is awful !!! Im not going to lie I don't follow the regimen down to a t I only use a pea sized amount of the BP as my spots don't really cover every inch of my face I didn't think it was nesc to use the full amount. i also really don't like the moistrizer so I only wear it in the mornings not at night I have also not been performing the re
  6. Mine got worse around the 4 and 5th week. It was when I started increasing my BP doses that I noticed it was getting really bad.. So I only use a pea siZed amount morning and night but my acne is only mild-moderate I think if you have servere acne you may need to use the full amount. I also decreased the amount if moisturiser I use unless I am going out and wearing make up then you defo cannot skip this part.. Most ppl on this site would say not to skip the moustrier but I felt like it was
  7. I was feeling exactly like you just around my 3rd and fourth week and I felt like giving up.. I've now been on the regimen for 6 weeks and I have seen an improvement my chin competlry cleared up and my cheeks were on the way aswell im due on my period so some break outs happening atm. I'm nowhere near fully clear but there has definitely been an improvement. Your on your second wel and your prob experiencing a purge I would urge you to stick it out for the 3 month period
  8. I live in the uk and I have ordered twice each time I've been charged between 16 and 19 pound. I would say you defiantly got lucky as you do normally have to pay
  9. I think some people do use other brands but to follow the regimen exactly I would use dans BP but if it's the same strength etc then I don't think there's nesc anything wrong with doing that although I would personally use the regimens
  10. I ordered dans aha the 10 percent one. I don't mean mix it with the BP I mean use the BP morning and night and then some ppl on the regimen also use the aha mixed in with their moisturiser or on it's own a few times a night. I was thinking to give it a few more weeks before i started using. It
  11. Hi everyone, I have just received my AHA today and am not sure when to start using it.. I'm 5 and a half weeks in to the regimen and things seem to be clearing up I would prob say I don't actually have any active pimples just a few small bumps where the previous ones are drying out I do however have a ton of hyperpigmentation! Things started to improve for me when I cut down the amount of BP to pea sized morning and night and I also only use the moisturiser in the day time.. I know many of
  12. I've been on the regimen for 5 weeks and I am still breaking out.. Some ppl get clear within a few weeks but others take months. The first 3 weeks were okay for me I didn't have much of a break out and my skin wasn't overly flakey however towards the end of week 3 and week 4 my chin had about 4 break outs on each side last week that cleared up and my right cheek started breaking out.. It all seems to be kinda clearing up a bit atm but I won't speak too soon. I don't use the reccomended amount of
  13. Yes, just like natalilucy said maybe try decreasing the amount of bp you are using, that is what I have been doing for the past two days. I am on my 6th week and still breaking out, still have not seen a great improvement but I am trying to be patient and think that it is coming soon. Good luck thank you! Let me know how it goes for you!! I guess we all just have to be super patient xx I thought after decreasing it I started seeing an improvement now my chins clearing up but I have break outs o
  14. I really don't like the acne.org moisturiser and after reading your post I actually stopped using it for a few days only cos I knew I wasn't going anywjere I needed to wear make up and I actually feel like although my skin was super dry that it felt much flatter with no new pimples forming. I don't like anything about the moisturiser the smell the way it goes on etc. What moisturiser do you use now ? There's noway I could wear fondation and not use a moisturiser my skin flakes as it is even wit
  15. I feel like it takes ages to sink in and that it makes my face look really greasy I really do want to try and find an alternative cos I do think it is breaking me out. Also so from the reviews I have read people say that the AHA gets rid of flakes ?