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  1. Thanks for reading this, means a world to me. Um, i still get cysts from time to time, but i consider myself clear and I am ussually happy with my skin. And i guess all that matters, is to feel good about yourself. Hope you are doing great as well
  2. MY ACNE STORY What is acne? What a silly question, right? But…is it? I mean if you are reading this post then probably you or someone you know is suffering with acne which is a cosmetic problem that appears on person’s skin. When I googled “What is acne?”, the most common answer is that acne is a skin disease that is caused by uncontrollable oil secretion from sebaceous glands. Yeah, the definition is true, however I believe that the real problem of acne is not its physical impact
  3. Hello everyone I hope you are all having a great day. Today I am just feeling a little bit down and decided to write a post here. So, I have been suffering with acne since I hit puberty (I am 19 now, so like 5-6 years). And off course as it usually happens at the beginning it was just manageable red zits in different places of my face. However, I started realizing that my skin is not "normal" somewhere in high school, when cystic acne just hit me like a bus and within weeks my face just go
  4. It looks very much like acne. For confirmation you can just visit a dermatologist
  5. It is better to get rid of acne first, before healing the scars. That is because scar healing techniques tend to be irritating, what can cause more acne. I would advice to go on DermaPen treatment. It is pretty effective and safe. Check out brian turner on youtube
  6. My review of bp

    I think benzoyl peroxide is a great solution to get rid of existicing breakouts. However, I believe that in order to fix the main problem of acne, deeper things have to be considered like diet, environvement and lifestyle.
  7. The reason behind it not going away, is that you do not extract it properly. Just imagine a cyst in your skin. It is a ball of pus deep inside your skin under many follicles. When you squeeze it, it is similar to squeezing out tooth paste from a tube by pressing in the middle, some goes away another goes deeper inside. The problem of you popping it is that you don't get rid of the root. So the pus just fills up again, and can even spread out if the pus would fill nearby skin pores. The reaso
  8. I have nothing against needling the pimple. But I'm so much against this lemon, baking soda and tooth paste remedies. Toothpaste is extremely irritating for your skin, especially if left over night. By living it on the skin, it can just make the breakout more red and irritated, which is worse for you. So I would strongly not advice using toothpaste on skin
  9. Give it a try to cut totally dairy and artificial sugars. I Knw it is hard, but give it a try i never tried acne.org regime, but you don't have to use it exactly. I mean there are a lot of other benzoyl peroxide products which are great. I am using bp gel from galderma , which is a great brand that u can find in any pharmacy. Also I am using larosheposay products for cleanser and moisturizer. But if you feel like it, give it a try for acne.org regime
  10. I am definetely not here to help financially (college student here). But treating acne is not just about buying expensive creams and antibiotics. Acne.org regime may somehow freeze the acne, but it won't fix the main problem especially if you have cystic acne. Try changing your lifestyle and diet. Drink lots of water, exercise regularly and most importantly eliminate acne trigger foods (mainly dairy, artificial sugars and caffeine). It seems like a harder solution but it can worth it. Also
  11. I really don't know how to help you dude... i just wanna say that I have mild to moderate bacne (well most of my acne is on my face). But what helped for my bacne is water only regime. Like I felt the result within 3-4 days. Maybe just try to give your skin a break with all this chemicals and see how it will go. Hope this helps
  12. Great to hear that you found something which is helping you. Salt water acts as an antidote-bacterial, so it make sense why it can help you
  13. Hey, well I'll it seems like you have mild to moderate acne. But as far as it is seen in the picture, you are not having any forms of cysts, which is good. It is good that you are working out and drinking lots of water. Also I am sure you do it, but just in case if you don't, splash your face with water after every workout (you don't have to use cleansers). That shall help to prevent small pimples. You mentioned that you have healthy lifestyle. But what exactly do you mean? Try cutting acn
  14. I am not going to advice you to pop it, however sometimes popping can be good as it would speed up the healing process. So it is all up to you
  15. I think caveman regime is a little too much. I would advice you to just wash you face once with mild cleanser for sensitive skin (something like from laroche posey). Or atleast try water only regime. I doubt that your face is battling acne because of the products that you use. There are other causes as well, which can be diet
  16. Hey mate, I feel you. Suffered with cystic acne for probably 3 years as well. Had really rough times with it, especially finding the confidence. You didn't mention anything about your diet. So I would advice you to cut acne trigger foods ( which are mainly dairy, artificial sugars and caffeine). I'm not gonna advice much for topical stuff, because they are individual. But I am using set from Laroshe Posay (great brand) and benzoyl peroxide gel. The problem with accutane not being effective i
  17. Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I also suffered from quite a bad bacne (well most of my acne is on face). But anyways, what helped me weirdly enough, is not washing the back with soap. Just rinse it with water. (I am sure most of you heard about water only regime) well it worked for my back I am not sure if it would fix severe bacne. But give it a try if you have mild to moderate bacne. Hope this helps. Best of luck
  18. Hello there , i hope by this point that cyst is less visible. But anyways, cystic acne sufferer here. First of all, it seems like it is a regular cyst. So there is nothing to worry about in regards to it being like an infection or smthg. Um, I wouldn't advice you to pick on cysts for a couple of reasons. First of all that is because they cause bad scarring. And secondly because they are deep underneath the skin, and by squeezing you just force the content deeper inside the skin what can cause
  19. Hey dude, calm down. I can assure you that there is nothing abnormal about that, it is basically a cyst with more than one head, which is probably because it spread on more than one pore so the pus is now coming out of few pores. I am not sure about the stuff you are using, but I am just applying generous amount of benzoyl peroxide every night. It shall go away in less than a week
  20. Thank you for your reply first of all. I do have a healthy diet and I cut alot of these conventional acne triggers (dairy, sugars, caffeine, junk food and many more) I am suspecting that the culprit for me is allergy. More certainly moisturiser. So would definetely try to switch to another one and see the results.
  21. Hey Dude, I guess we are kind of in a same shoe. I actually also have a dream of becoming a politician, or at least present my country with a pride in my heart (which would be almost impossible with acne). Hope is all we have and just keep going. If you have a dream, GO FOR IT. Do not let anything or anyone stop you, fight for your dream. I pesonally believe that acne helped me to become a better person, it shaped optimism, stuborness and ability not to give a damn about other opini
  22. Hey everyone, just to let everyone know, I am a 17 years old teen who is having an oily acne-prone skin in a mild to moderate cystic form. Occasionally, I have started noticing something weird that never really occured to me before. From time to time, I experience this strong itchiness on specific cheeks regions (cheeks are my most acne-prone places). Once I check out the regions at the mirror, I can see this sudden red mark with an inch diameter. After a very short while, a bump appears u
  23. Heey,

    I know it have been a while, but today I hit your post about temporarily red bumps that itches.

    Currenly I am having the same problem. 

    I would be very very thankful,  if you would give me any advice in order to stop this happening or at least possible reasons

    1. Hey) Personally for me, I lost all the hope in home remedies as they just seem not to work. Similarly to you, I am using benzoyl peroxide just to kinda control those breakouts, but surely it does not prevent them. Also, I am on a pretty strict diet, but I am not sure if it anyhow affect my acne. However, i noticed that for me weather plays a huge role. My skin is usually better in dry weather. Maybe have you noticed any changes in skin from weather? Ofc our skin is not identical, but