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  1. I think a lot of people get clear and don't come back because it's just a part of your life you don't want to be reminded of. I almost did the same but figured sharing what I do is the least I could do for all the posts I've read on here from helpful people over the years. I don't feel like typing a novel so these sentences will be short and to the point. 23/M Didn't get acne till I was 18. Thankfully, high school can be tough enough. Mild to moderate white heads, chin and temples my main proble
  2. stay away from potato chips of anykind. thats all that gives me random spots. i don't drink much soda either.
  3. hickies are never cool. They don't even make any sense. I've never gave one or received one. I'd punch any girl that did that shit to me on purpose.
  4. I found aveeno shaving cream works really good. Its (non comegendic) won't clog pores and it will probably cause less irration than using nothing. Also, if you don't already shaving everyday has really helped me. People also say to use 99% aloe vera instead of 100% i don't know why though.
  5. i only use BP to occasionally spot treat. would it still be a bad mix?
  6. thanks for not answering my question
  7. I have read all about the pro's and con's of tanning so thats not my question if I should or not. I just wanted to know if I did decide to go to a tanning bed how long and often should I do it for? Should I wear sunscreen on my face? thanks "i'm rick james bitch"
  8. yeah i get that too. Exercise hasn't affected my acne at all. If anything it has made it better. I think the better shape your body is in the better it deals with all types of body functions. Great for stress too. I just make sure to shower soon after i'm done sweating. "i'm rick james bitch!"
  9. i drank almost 2 gallons today and some beers. im sure ill be pissing
  10. i know that. but people talk about drinking tons of water and i was wondering how much they are talking about
  11. How much is considered drinking "a lot of water"? Is drinking a gallon a day enough?
  12. I just started using sea salts for a face wash tonight. I just filled my sink with warm water then threw some in and mixed it around. Then got a face cloth and soaked it and let it sit on my face a few times. we'll see how it goes.