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  1. The first thing I notice about your face is your hair .. and your eyes .. even this sad/wary look of you brightening everything. Your eyes are indeed magnificent. <3 Skin irregularities become an issue if they're distracting from the overall view of someone's face but that's not the slightest bit the case here. I don't know about you but trying to fix minor issues like that (this IS fixable, btw) may reveal other problems in life that stress you out atm, I don't know. Then
  2. + 1 please put this in your first post of this thread as well. the shadowing in certain/harsh lightning looks greatly reduced. aesthetically, this is an significant improvement.
  3. @edsoonw are you sure you encircled the right scar? that deep one above the circle looks way more apparent to me..
  4. I hate to be that guy but are we going to see some b/a pictures of your progress in the near future..?
  5. Improvement from your subcisions in %? 10, 20, 5%? Your skin is not that bad at all.
  6. Hello firefish, Did you saw improvement with your subcision+ filler treatments? What type of filler was used? I know this is the worst lightning possible : I see scars with very sharp shoulders, this type of scarring is generally super hard to improve. Are you able to travel? (UK, Denmark?)
  7. Thanks a lot for updating & the honest documenting! Agree with you : almost 0% (major dents) You should see most benefit from filler. Is your scarring still tethered (looks this way) or why did Rullan not considered fillers? But again : scarring like this : I've never saw improvement over 30-40% at max.
  8. So any updates? Improvements? .. no improvement at all, right?
  9. Hey, thanks for updating! Progress on your left cheek looks pretty good.. although I noticed that your current afters are no close ups like your befores of the first post.
  10. 4 days? impossible. It's not even the same person..?
  11. is there any study or website that explains the 'demonic' in more detail? All I got from this drug is a fcked up body. I've got some pretty serious long term sides like @seattlegal90. But no explanations why.
  12. I don't get it why so many people (adults in their late 20s) are unable to accept their mediocrity. But that's all part of the journey. Your skin looks normal, nobody will reject you bc of this condition. So I agree that seeing a therapist is a good advice in this case. And pls, calling someone beautiful usually does more harm than good. No woman (+BDD) buys that, especially when it comes from other women.
  13. Can you explain that in more detail, @beautifulambition?
  14. Depends entirely on the scar's severity, area of location & personal healing, imo. Grade 1-2 scarring (ice picks, superficial rollings, etc) : up to 70-80% on cheeks is possible. Temples/forehead is a different game though. Grade 3-4 scarring (greater atrophy, fat loss, sharp borders, etc) : anything beyond 30-50% rarely happens. (never even saw a true 50%, thb.)