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  1. I'm on day 4 or so of botchla's and Dan's. it is actually working ok, I did break out quite a bit but i do believe that is due to me switching to some other moisturizers and cleansers. Now I am on a simple Dan/Botchla regimine and it seems to be controlling my acne once again. Time will tell.... On a positive note, my daytime skin texture is much improved. Not wearing the BP during the day feels great after having worn it so long.
  2. My girlfriend back when I had intense acne at ages 16-18 was far more sexually interested in me than my current girlfriend is now (and im completely clear now). Go figure!
  3. I am in the process of trying this out right now (along with a set of new moisturizers and cleansers). I have been on Dan's regimine for a year now, and despite it clearing me up almost TOTALLY (thanks dan you rock!) I am tired of the redness and wearing the BP on my face during the day anymore. I will let you know how it goes, I'm on day 2 of botchla's in the AM and dan's at night and i have not broken out yet.
  4. Eucerin Renewal made me incredibly red, it could also be that. you might want to try other moisturizers but be wary - none of them are nearly as effective as eucerin and youll have to experiment until you find one that works well
  5. try emu oil instead of moisturizer at night - it has decreased my redness tremendously thus far. I'm also thinking of using moisturizer THEN emu oil, or something like that. aside from that make sure you are gentle with your face and irritate it as least as possible. Excessive redness is a horrible thing, I have been on the regimine for about 9 months now and that is the big issue I am struggling with. I have been clear for about 6 months but red for the entire time, I'm just now swapping arou
  6. Well I just discovered that a local vitamin shop carries emu oil in small 2oz bottles so I picked one up for 10 dollars. I have applied it twice now, last night after BP and tonight after BP. I have already noticed results - my biggest problem with twice a day regimine use is redness. I woke up after the first night of replacing my typical moisturizer (either eucerin renewal or neutrogena combination) with emu oil and my face felt GREAT - and heres the best part - the redness was tremendously r
  7. Neutrogena SPF 15 is good stuff, but it stings me quite a bit. depends on how your skin reacts. Another thing you can do is use Neutrogena's Combination Skin Moisturizer, and then apply an spf 15 sunscreen over it. This moisturizer is probably the best for combination skin ever, although it sometimes leaves me a bit dry. My skin is VERY shiny and this moisturizer kills all shine. There is also Eucerin Renewal, which absolutely rocks but it may irritate you and redden your face. By the way, yo
  8. yikes! thanks for the heads up, i guess i will steer clear of this stuff. still in search of a good fps 15 moisturizer, eucerin makes me SO red ;/
  9. Hi guys, I was recently browsing online acne sights and came accross www.kiehls.com. They seem to be selling a variety of moisturizer type products; I have lately been in search of one. So, my question is, has anyone tried kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer? Either with or without SPF 15... They claim that the product contains vitamin E, and I have heard that this is a comedogenic ingrediant. So, I'm also wondering whether or not this stuff might be comedogenic. Here is a link to the product: ht
  10. Howdy Madden, I'm an almost year long user of the regimine myself. I would highly reccomend the Eucerin Renewal moisturizer as Dan did; i too found that I had moisturizing problems when attempting to use the combination skin Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer after applying BP. For post-BP application moisturizer, you can't beat Eucerin renewal. You just have to be careful with it if you are fair skinned because in tandem with the BP it'll make ya a bit red.... Anyways I use that exact moisturiz
  11. Using 100% aloe gel should not clog pores, correct? anyone know? just used some tonight and am gonna try using it to test if it reduces redness or not. Im pretty sure its non-comedogenic by nature, anyone confirm?
  12. I'm planning on trying some 100% alo gel if i can find some, to help reduce the tinting. It may work, ill report to everyone. And about the alpha hydroxy stuff, it hasn't really "whitened" my skin at all -- been on Eucerin Renewal and the scars have definitely decreased but the overall skintone is not any lighter.
  13. Yeah, the only reason this bothers me is that my neck is very white but my face is pretty red. It isnt beet red but its definitely a very noticible ruddy/tan complexion...
  14. Hey all! First of all I'd like to thank Dan for the regimine - i am about 95% clear of acne after 5 months of regimine usage. You rock Dan, have no idea how much better life has been because of it! Now the problem. My face is fairly reddened/tan - it looks very strange because I have very white skin and my neck is very white. It has been this way for a good 3 months. I kind of ignored it because i was SO happy to not have acne anymore....Starting to bother me now a bit. Anyways this is
  15. Hey all, first off thanks Dan for a great site. Second, to the meat of the post, my problem: I've been on the regimine for 8 weeks now. I use Proactiv Repairing Lotion 2.5% BP, Cetaphil Moisturizer (non comedo), and Purpose soap. My skin was remarkably, and i mean WOW insanely clear around weeks 4-7. This week, however, starting on last saturday and getting progressively worse each day my face has broken out ridiculously bad. I have huge pimples that are much worse than i ever had, or at leas