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    Classic Rock (AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Zepp, Dylan, Eagles) <br />More modern stuff (Bedouin Soundclash, Carlos Santana, Sublime<br />Fav song: Some Kinda Wonderful by Sky<br />Fav singer: Shakira (In spanish and english :)<br />Fav book: 1984 by George Orwell
  1. Hah ! Much thanks. I do my best. English speakers learning french think verlan is hard but english is WAY more hard. Anyhow I do not mean to indulge in "thread necromacy" but I have progress! And by progress I mean my acne is gone =) I have cut down on much of this, all I do now : Wake up : -1 centrum extra fortified vitamin -4 omega 3 6 9 capsules -4 zinc glutonate 25mg Then breakfast, it goes down easily. -Wash face with extra-virgin olive oil and massage out -Clense with the oil and spect
  2. Haha well she's saving me a seat tuesday when school starts again. I just got back home after about five days. Went over to my old friends university. Too much partying... even for me, my head was still spinning in the morning... I went to sleep without using any acne meds for a night or two and tons of people touched me face. Luckily I only got one pimple. It's gone now and I have a redmark but overall my skin seems to have improved a LOT. Possibly from lathering on the retin-a. I'm suprise
  3. Oh hey look it's my Maîtresse. I don't know about that frenchie, my hair is pretty silky! I'd argue it as long as there are no later consequences! Hahaha. Okay today I went swimming and fencing at university. 25 laps of 50m. I have no idea what effect this will have on my skin. The oral zinc seems to help though. I haven't had my clindoxyl gel on for at least 8 hours and no new pimples or anything. Slightly concerned about the fact my face is getting washed more than 2 times a day. As for
  4. Thanks a lot The Effendi, sometimes I'm quite photogenic, you're very kind -- you should see some of my other pics though. :) I had a bad folliculitis attack (it's like acne but worse) recently though which added a lot of redness/marks and my derm put be back on acne anti-biotics because it was pretty severe. I'm on retin-a so the marks will eventually go away but until it does I'd love to know how to apply this. I know you probably think I'm one of those crazy people who get up close to the mi
  5. Hi guys! I've never used makeup before. However I held my breath and went to the MAC counter and got an exact match for the NW40 studio fix powder/foundation and I bought the 150 brush ($50 '_'). I remember a topic on how to apply makeup but I can't find it. Can someone help me? I would like you know how to apply with the brush and how to take care of my brush. Tomarrow university starts and all I have is redmarks (I had a nasty reaction that gave me around 20 of them recently but luckily it's
  6. Hey thanks guys! I got some nasty kind of folliculitis but I got pills for it. Doc said lucky I didn't wait because this type could've spread to my lungs! Yikes! Anyhow I got a couple pimples and a lot of these massive inflamed red things but they're much more under control. I changes my pillow case/sterilized my room to kill the bacteria and I don't feel so bad right now. Stress was terrible too but I took a nice hot bath which helped very much! I am very nervous/excited about college life and
  7. Hey thanks a lot anonhelp, really does help! I've got an appointment for tomarrow. However this happened I'm going to put up a fight to it... I feel kinda of a cyst on the other side of my face but I'll do my best to stop them. The pimples below my cheek haven't multipled but haven't gone down either. We'll see how this turns out! I'll ask the doctor if he has anything at all for imflamation.
  8. Hi guys, I usually lurk on this board. Months ago I had my acne under control, a pimple or two a month. Everything was good... I was pretty popular, girls called me cute and I even did sports, got voted vice-pres, etc while keeping a nice academic record. In a few days I'm off the university-- was so excited but something changed. After having my acne under control for 5 years yesterday I woke up. On the bottom near the jaw line, under my right cheek I have 15 pimples/pustles. I had 0 for week
  9. Mandy this sounds like exactly what I've been getting -- several months ago I had none... they dont ooze liquid but everything else sounds the same. I have no idea at all where they came from and if they'll ever go... makes me sad =( I use a canadian version of retin-a and clindoxyl.. brush exfoliation somtimes and the dip method... no idea what's causing it.
  10. Hey guys, I have a little ice pick scarring which i'm okay with. But recently I've found something new on my skin. They're little indents that go all the way down to my jaw =( from about my upper lip on the sides of my face. Like icepick they're little dots but instead they're reddish in the centre... I used to have none and I can't remember getting nearly as much acne on that part of my face as I have dots... How do they form? Can I stop them? Treatments? Anything at all, please.
  11. these are very good ideas, hehe its going to be funny bringing a bowl to the gym for dipping. As for toilettes i will have to get those too!
  12. Hi guys, English is my third language so bear with me. I really how this forum works. We can offer each other support and knowledge to further our understanding and we become better people in the process . Today I come to you asking for your opinions which I value highly. Last week I was very close to clear... my scars weren't bad and I had one pimple that was going away. I am using a clinxoyl (BP) gel in the day and retinol at night. However I started going to the gym recently... I'm pretty f
  13. Ahh I got three today near my nose, this morning I had none, maybe a little bump. Grrr I hate this I thought it was finally over! Well back to the meds
  14. Hey guys, I've been following Dan's clear skin reigmen except I've switch night and day so I can go crazy with cocoa butter on my face at night. Anyhow, for five days now I've been clear. Now I've fought acne since I was 11, now I'm 16-- going on 17 in December. On Friday something really weird happened. I was very tired from pulling an all nighter the day before for school and I fell asleep on friday without putting any of my meds on (clindoxlyl in morning/retin-A at night) so when I woke up I