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  1. I just imagine it akin to 2 slices of bread. Do the fractional RF microneedle (you penetrate the bread with the needles) > and then you subcise after (you apply jam between the 2 pieces of bread) compared to subcise (apply jam first) > then needle penetration The latter can't reach the intended depth the RF microneedle is supposed to reach because of the jam
  2. This doc knows his stuff. Fractional laser + fractional rf microneedling. But curious why subcision was done first because the pooled blood will affect the microneedle depth.
  3. Okay i see what you mean, very unfortunate. You didn't get any benefits from taking it i.e. stopping acne but got the opposite instead i.e. more acne and you didn't experience those side effects of dry skin and chapped lips. Really rare. For now you need to stop active acne before even thinking of any scar treatment, even microneedles. When you get a serious inflammation such as an inflamed cyst, the chances of scarring are high. The severity of scarring is proportional to the amount of in
  4. I can see yellowish cyst because your skin is so fair. Can't tell for sure from the pictures whether they are active pustules, do they still hurt? This need to be extracted. They are comedones that get inflammed from the accutane, when the inflammation gets bad they causes scarring and i think that's what happened to you but that initial flare should last about at most the first 1 month is that true in your case? Actually the best thing to do before starting accutane is to extract out as man
  5. It doesn't make sense to needle before TCA, the TCA will sink deeper... ouch And also the needling has to be done on the same day as the TCA because it will start scabbing after that and in no way do you want to disturb the scab, I have done it myself that is TCA first and then microneedle on same day.
  6. Jack I can't recommend you anyone here. The doctors i been to I can't comment on their skill, i received mainly laser treatment and only 1 session of subcision. Subcision i did mainly on my own, almost every week in fact until i was so sure there was no more teethering under the skin. I even took tranexamic acid that stabilizes blood clot and prevent it from breaking down such that the bruise will remain longer and then get organized to fill up the scar, however it didn't make the blood clo
  7. Jack. TCA cross will work for box scars. Just do a pubmed search, they use it to treat chickenpox scars too. But because you have to cover a wider area than a icepick scar, there is more damage 1. You get more redness and hyperpigmentation (if you have higher fitzpatrick skin), quoted 6 months to go away in the studies. 2. You can afford 7-10 days downtime? For how many sessions? Try subcising first to detach the teethering before TCA.
  8. I am from Singapore too. My scars are rolling and boxed, no ice pick. I had about 8 course of fractional and ablative laser half here and half in South Korea. Only helped 20-30% at best. I had some fillers injected once but they didn't last long. Did subcision there is no resistance under the skin and no snapping sound could be heard Did my own dermstamping/dermrolling Had multiple sessions of PRP and PRFM (the "gel" form of PRP) Did TCA cross 100%>filled up about 40-50% but p
  9. I guess he could charge you more and spend less time by the recell method. Problems of a first world country. Let your mood settle and maybe look elsewhere. In countries like India, recell is too expensive to be an option and the local doctors instead get good at doing skin grafts or punch grafts.
  10. Ommmmmm, "Do you think superficial dermabrasion/resurfacing and suction blister grafting over your mini punch grafts and remaining scar tissue would give you even further improvement and blending? " Definitely. "To your knowledge can microneedling transfer some melanocytes from healthy, pigmented skin into hypopigmented skin and scar tissue or is that just a load of garbage?" What does your instinct or common sense tell you? That will be my answer. I looked at the links, this doctor is d
  11. AB These procedures were created to treat vitiligo as a primary indication. Leukoderma from burns were secondary. Look at the paucity of related studies compared to those on vitiligo. I don't think you are going to find pictures easily online, for something as common as nose jobs, probably you get 1 clinic websites just posting 3-4 cases on average. My scar was from a surgery, not from burns or anything else. Studies for punch grafts for surgical scar? None i could find. However the doctor
  12. At least i know it can be done in South Korea. I had my procedure done in South Korea. India definitely, you can see a lot of studies done on surgical interventions for vitiligo comes from Indian authors. Looking from your narration, I think non government subsidized care is a rip off in your country and furthermore prices are in the expensive pound. Aesthetic beast > I dont think punch graft is a viable option, too much area to cover. The punch graft minimally can pigment about 1mm area
  13. I don't think posting my pictures will help, it wouldn't be applicable to you anyway. I have a different type of scar and you won't be having punch grafts anyway. You have to do a little digging to find out who does it, or you may even need to travel abroad. Look for dermatologists who run vitiligo clinics. You may want to try the dermatology department of the government hospitals in your country. Essentially it's not too complicated nor require any special kits. If you read the links
  14. Aesthetic beast, I went through the literature on suction blister grafting and i think it's really the best modality of treatment available to you. It can cover a wide area with no donor or recipient site scarring and there are multiple studies on this procedure. Here's for your reading. Efficacy of Suction Blister Epidermal Graft without Phototherapy for Locally Stable and Resistant Vitiligo http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3401843/ Long-Term Follow-up and Donor Site Changes