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  1. Please tell proper skin care regimen to get rid of these red marks, I'm 17 years old boy, i don't have acne prone skin, my skin is normal type but 2 months ago whwhen i was seeing a skin boil developing a week before an special event i harshly washed that area with salycilic based face wash (garnier acnofight) yes it was stupid act but then i got 4-5 breakouts becoz ofof overdrying and now they left red marks! Please tell me how do i get rid of these marks? I get acne only when i waSh with
  2. I had a whitehead on left side of my lips(not on lips) just near It, Yesterday night saw on mirror a bump developing around whitehead.. I did hot water compresses over it with clothes.. then that white thing on pimple was given, then i poped it gently with needle and blood came out not puss? Then i stopped put antibiotic ountment there and slept... now In morning it is not grown more (as i assumed it as skin boils) bt what is this??? Plz help how can i reduce it quickly