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  1. Hi kamstan, I have never posted in this forum before, so I am unfamiliar with all the terminology you are using. I apologize for sounding like such a new guy. I am a 16 year old male who finished a 6 month accutane course about 5 months ago. Until I took accutane I was getting very painful cystic acne on my face and neck, and sometimes on my back/chest (although very little compared to other places) Before I started accutane I had many light scars on my cheeks, and while taking the accutane c
  2. try going to a dermatologist, they can give you something to make the swelling go down.
  3. Same, I finished my accutane course in December 04. For 3 months I stopped getting new acne, though I still had some scars/red marks that took a long time to fade away. I finally had the chance to work on all my other shit now that the main problem was gone. ...and then it came back. The past couple weeks have been pretty grim compared to how I looked after accutane was completed. I went to my derm and explained to her that something is terribly wrong if I'm reacting like this; it's only goi
  4. I'm in the same boat. I've had acne ever since I was 9 years old. It's not fun to be the only kid in elementary school that has acne all over his face. I've had random people, people I've never even spoken to before, come up to me and say things like: "Whats wrong with your face?" "Ew, you really need to wash your face more" "Wow kid, you've got a lot of pimples! It's disgusting!" I've had countless girls talk about me in classes, thinking I cant hear them. Saying things like "ew have you
  5. I haven't cut my hair in over a year. The last time I got it cut, my acne was terrible. The person that did it managed to cut a few zits in the process and they bled quite a bit. That's not an experience I would want anyone to remember. It was pretty rough. While I'd like to get a haircut (as I look much younger with long hair) I'll just be waiting until my acne goes away.
  6. What was this website address? I was looking for such a website, but I haven't found anything good yet. If you don't want to post it up here, just email it to me. My address is [email protected]
  7. I took accutane for 6 months and I finished at the end of December 04. It worked very well. I was clear up until now. However, I have noticed that it is very slowly wearing off. More specifically in the last month. First it was 1, then 2.... now I'm getting a bunch of tiny little spots everywhere (neck/face/back) When I took accutane, it would be considered by most people "moderate." At the moment, I would consider it very mild, but I am afraid this is only the beginning. I'm not going to
  8. I just searched for my name today and found this post... I remember exactly how I felt when I first wrote this. I've finshed my accutane course and I've been off of it for about 2 months now. The majority of acne is gone, I only seem to get a few very tiny bumps occasionally. (tiny whiteheads/blackheads) I'm not sure if those are zits or just ingrown hairs from shaving or something. Though I do seem to have quite a few tiny blackheads at the moment around my hairline... probably from my hair ru
  9. I guess you're right but why was she walkin around without any makeup and with her hair all up like that? it looks like it's either: somebody else or she was intentionally trying to look like somebody else so people wouldn't bother her.
  10. Why is her hair brown? I thought it was blonde... are you sure that's her? It looks like a look-alike to me.
  11. It worked pretty good when I was 9-13 (didn't have much acne anyway) then it stopped working. It's a waste of money unless you have mild acne, you'd be better off spending that money on something else.
  12. Mine was BAD I got a total of 9 huge red spots that hurt and had no head, I don't know what these are called... probably cysts or something like that. One of them left a big red spot above my eyebrow, and it's still there. The rest seem to have gone away, except the red spots on my neck. Bleh, seems like all the shit stopped however, I'm on month 5 now. All I have at the moment is 1 zit on my neck, red marks, and dry skin. Beats the hell outta what it was like before, IMO.