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  1. Best cleanser ever! Gone through countless 16oz bottles!

    amazing at removing makeup non-drying, non-irritating affordable I absolutely love this cleanser! I tried it years ago with the acne.org system. I no longer use the rest of the system, as Retin-A ended up being my solution to clearing my acne... and now in my mid-twenties I think I have grown out of acne for the most part as well. However, I have continued to use the cleanser for all these years. I wear makeup on a daily basis and it does such an excellent job at removing even heavy makeup! Gen
  2. There are some great sellers on Etsy (like eBay but for handmade products) that sell natural skin care products! My favorite moisturizer is from there - http://washthedayaway.etsy.com - I use her green tea / goji berry moisturizer for my combo acne-prone skin. She also has a Yarrow version for oily skin! It works so well, a little bit goes a long way, and doesn't break me out. I looked up all the ingredients and they are all anti-acne. Also I love this seller, http://joyfulgirlnatural.etsy.com
  3. I've added AHA souffle to my regimen, while still using ACV as a toner. I just use the souffle at night. That is the only thing that has really helped my redmarks, making them visibly lighter in a short time. Fades the older ones very fast. And it's not irritating to use after using ACV.
  4. People have asked this ? before and I find it kind of ridiculous. I don't think there is anything unique about "Asian" skin that makes it get redmarks more or makes them harder to fade, etc. It has more to do with your skin COLOR, which isn't directly related to your race, since asians range from light to dark skin. And what did you mean exactly by Asian? Because it seems like anyone from the continent of Asia is replying, but that won't help you much since there is just about every skin color i
  5. I tried drinking it ... just a tsp in a glass of water... but it was sooo nasty. I couldn't handle the taste. I heard putting it in apple juice helps. I just use it on my skin though, and it works great that way -- as a toner.
  6. Sounds kinda wacky ... "protecting skin cells' DNA" .... ?
  7. I got this stuff and was happy to find it didn't break me out, like many of the reviewers said it did... I stopped using it though. No reason, just trying too many different things. Plan to start using it again though. Thanks for reminding me with this post. hehe.
  8. Haha... mine is the left side of my face. I'm pretty clear, just the occasional zit, but when I was breaking out, for the longest time it was *just* on the right side of my face. Then I got a few breakouts on the far left side of my face .... those left redmarks too But there are less redmarks on that side. And I don't break out on my cheeks at all really, just the outer sides of my face. And my forehead and chin a lot... I hear those are hormonal and ones on your cheeks are diet related or so
  9. 1:1 is a good ratio... your new formula sounds good. I have pretty minor redmarks but they're really stubborn, so I have no sympathy for the fact that your redmarks didn't clear up in 2 months. lol. It does take time.... there isn't really any miracle cure in a short time, although ACV helps... and I found that it's just a great toner and really balances my skin too.
  10. It looks like your redmarks are fairly new? I don't know... to me it looks like the area may just be red. It looks like it just recently cleared up or something. ACV & Aloe vera have worked well for me. Also the ACV/baking soda regimen is great ... I use ACV 2x a day, and once in a blue moon I do bakingsoda before the ACV. It always seems to give better results. I just forget or don't have the time to do bakingsoda+ACV all the time, but I recommend it!
  11. I agree, the organic thing is overrated. I just use a generic kind. When I heard about ACV I knew my mom used it for cooking and we already had a huge jar... so that's what I've been using for many, many months now, and it works great!
  12. I'm wondering the same thing... I have this pigment lightening gel from Murad. I tried it a while ago but I thought it broke me out so I stopped. Now I'm starting to try it on just a few spots to see if it works. So far it hasn't broken me out again. I read reviews of it (it's a hydroquinone-based product) and many people said it was good for acne marks, but most people who wanted it for hyperpigmentation/sun damage said it didnt' do anything for them. hmm.
  13. I've used it with ACV works fine. Didn't have to change my regimen in any way when I added the souffle.
  14. Hehe, the poster was talking about AUBREY organics, not Avalon. I use Desert Essence products. I used to buy them at GNC but now I get them at Trader Joe's. The Avalon products at GNC caught my eye a few times though. I think I might try those. The products I'm using now are the best I've found, quite good, but yeah... still on the quest for the PERFECT products :)