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  1. I was on Juliet-35 for 9 months and currently on Yasmin for 2.5 months so far. I haven't gained any weight. In fact, I've lost some
  2. I became very moody on Juliet-35, and a friend said that she uses Yasmin and she doesn't experience moodiness. So I switched. I'm on my 3rd month of Yasmin now, and I still have a few spots, but not as many as when I first switched to Yasmin. The main thing I've noticed is that my boobs were bigger on Juliet-35, and on Yasmin they're back to my pre-pill size (A cup) :(
  3. Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is amazing. Cheap too.
  4. I'm currently taking Juliet-35 (I'm in Australia) and I've been on that for 9 months. I finish the final pack in 2 days. I'm visiting my GP for another prescription of the pill, and I'm thinking about switching to Yasmin. I'm a bit hesitant about switching because I don't want to get horrible acne again. It took 7 months for the Juliet-35 pill to kick in and clear me up, but I still get 1 or 2 spots, especially around my period. Will my body be able to adjust to Yasmin quicker because I'm a
  5. This is definitely spam-like. As if a supplement could work miracles like that
  6. My suggestion would be to check out mineral makeup (many threads in the cosmetic section of the forums)
  7. Hmm....how can something be clear, yet cover red marks? You need something coloured with pigment..... She's probably referring to a primer, which is a clear base you use before applying foundation.
  8. I've tried the Line Smoothing compact and it didn't do much for me...looked a bit fake. I use Almay Skin Stays Clean foundation and I absolutely LOVE it! Of course, it doesn't cover my red marks, but I use concealer for that. It evens out the rest of my skin without looking masky. I think it may be discontinued in some countries though ...
  9. That's not good personinMA All I can say is that things can only get better... I mean, after something shit happens there's bound to be something good around the corner. Chin up and know that we're all here for you
  10. Hi everyone Well...just as my acne cleared up, I got 6 new zits within the space of 3 days They're situated next to my mouth (borderline cheek) -- 3 on either side, like a mirror image! I've heard that acne breakouts on the chin are related to menstruation (for women) but, what could mine be attributed to?
  11. Oh crap! I accidentally posted the wrong link! Here's the link I intended to post: http://amandaseyfriedweb.org/gallery/displ...um=33&pos=0 But....her skin has cleared up heaps in these pics (or she's wearing some absolutely fabulous makeup -- if so I want to know what it is!) http://amandaseyfriedweb.org/gallery/displ...bum=1&pos=7
  12. I'm in the same boat. I have NO acne, only heaps of red marks. It still looks like I have acne because of this
  13. Amanda Seyfried http://www.celebritywonder.com/picture/Gwen_Stefani/ (looks like mainly scarring) EDITED: see my next post