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  1. Hey! I had a similar issue with this almost 2 years ago as well. I had a lot of acne that made me feel super insecure, especially around my SO. It got to a point where I was comparing myself to most of her friends which essentially got me into this cycle of self hate and jealousy. Every day it ate away at me from the inside. I always acted normal around her, but never felt really worth it. I would always ask myself why she was going out with me when there were so many other more attractive guys
  2. @Ommmmmm Thank you for the different procedures! I'll definitely look into them. And yes, the emotional roller coaster is real... XD
  3. Hey @Roman95 during my first few months of accutane I gained a LOT more scars... I was on a high dosage of 80 mg a day so my skin was very fragile. Another thing that added to the scarring was my initial breakout. When I say my initial breakout was bad, I mean it was BAD BAD lmao. I had it everywhere on my face. So yeah those two factors contributed to my scarring. I had like half the scarring before accutane :/ oh well. Were you planning on going on accutane? Yeah dude, my face is so red. I hop
  4. Hi everyone, I'm am about to start my 5th month on Accutane. The inflammation from my initial breakout has finally gone down significantly. Now that that has happened I can now see the toll that it has taken on my skin in terms of scarring.... I have rolling scars almost all over my face and a lot of boxcar (I think??). It's really hard for me to just to look in the mirror :/ Sometimes i really feel hopeless. I'm definitely planning on getting some scar removal after im done with accutane. For