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  1. thank you for letting me know! thinking i might have to have one myself. eek.
  2. Hey. I've been on Spironolactone (100mg daily) and Minocycline (100mg and then eventually 50) since 2012 and had like 99% clear skin since then. I went off both for a while well I was between employers and without insurance. Now I'm back on both (50 mg a day of the mino and 100 of the Spiro). This worked for the last year-and-a-half but over the last 6 months it seems like they've stopped working. I upped my Minocycline to 100 a day thinking the lower dose might have been the cause, but that ha
  3. After having moderate acne with occasional cysts as a teen and young adult, I went on spiro from ages 19-25 and had no side effects and virtually perfect skin. I went off of it when I lost my benefits and insurance and stayed off for over a year, at which point my moderate acne returned. I finally got another good job with benefits at 27 and got back on spiro 100mg a day and minocycline. This was on September 11th. Today is October 27th. Ever since I got on it my skin has been the worst of my li