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  1. DAY 17 THE OIL IS FINALLY GONE!!!!!!!!! Still kinda sorta breaking out, but not really. I just have some lingering cysts and places where old ones that I messed with have left dry/irritated areas. The dryness is definitely managable so far, with one exception... The whole dry girl area thing, SO NOT cool!!! I went to see this guy I've been on and off with for a while and it was for sure a problem. I had no idea what to do so I just kind of kept my mouth shut, which I think only made things mor
  2. Spott: No worries... I know that I'm definitely not out of the woods as far as an IB goes... I would actually rather have one later, a month would be perfect, if I'm going to have one at all. I'm home right now... Seeing people I haven't seen in forever and won't see for a while, and I'd rather them see someone who isn't COVERED in horrible cysts etc. I didn't start breaking like this until after I left for school, so I'd rather that no one at home ever had to see me at my worst.
  3. DAY 10 OK, so my lips are definitely dry. I have this little tub of Vaseline that I carry around everywhere, and I am relatively sure that I am going to need to go to Costco soon and get myself a 30 gallon vat of it No other dryness really, except for my nose and/or throat sometimes, but I think I'm also getting a cold so it's hard to tell... BUT, I'm still SO f-ing OILY. My t-zone is ridiculous!!! GODDAMN!!! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!! Still kinda breaking out. My cysts are weird, they kind of cyc
  4. DAY 6 Still not much to report, which I suppose is both good and bad... No icky side effects, but I still have to wait around for SOMETHING to happen so that I know that SOMETHING is going on and that there's a possibility that this is actually working. But it will work, it WILL. love.
  5. DAY 2 No change really, except that I'm really itchy. But I'm sure that that's just in my head... love.
  6. Thanks flowerburn I know... This site is ridiculously addicting, almost worse than facebook/myspace haha. DAY 1 YAY! I took my first pill with dinner tonight around 7pm (40mg Amnesteem). Obviously nothing's going on yet except excitement... Right now my skin is doing a lot better than it was when I first went to the derm, the prednisone/doxyl helped to calm things down a little, but obviously they didn't help anywhere near as much as I would like. I have a few little pimples most are already
  7. YAY!!! I start Accutane tomorrow!!! I'm so excited and scared and I just really hope that this works for me. Reading posts on here half the time makes me optimistic and half the time makes me want to just forget the whole thing haha. I just have to keep reminding myself to just give it a chance. My skin has already calmed down so much from the Prednisone and Doxyl. And luckily my derm has agreed to give me another course of Prednisone to stave off any IB I might get. Alright well... Wish
  8. Your body does recover when you sleep. However, I don't think that getting a whole lot of extra sleep is magically going to make your red marks fade. Too little sleep would most likely slow the process, but I think that the only thing you can do to help the process along is to moisturize properly.
  9. At my first derm visit, I didn't have to have a blood test, just a urine pregnancy test. Then today I went to get my blood test to start Accutane on Monday. On the lab sheet (which you have to get from your derm to get the tests done) the test was actually just termed "Accutane-female." I would definitely just wait to start the process until you are home to see your doctor. iPledge is a bitch, and you don't want to have to wait even longer because you tried to take a short cut and iPledge blocke
  10. I'm curious... Did that study say anything about the weights of the participants. I would think that that would matter.
  11. I haven't started yet... But from what I hear/what I've read on here... Accutane can cause dryness down there. I am personally REALLY pissed off about this and if it happens to me, I am really not going to be happy
  12. I've been wondering about using E on accutane as well... I've used it before, and I had planed on rolling with my best friend over winter break, but I'll be a week or so into my accutane treatment. Yeah, yeah, I know E is bad for you, blah blah blah, but so is a Big Mac. I'm not doing it everyday, This will be like the third time ever, I just want to make sure that I'm not going to be killing myself then and there...
  13. flowerburn: Yeah waiting has just been awful. Mostly because now I think about my skin more than ever. But I only have like two weeks left to wait!!! I can't believe that your boyfriend would say that to you! But I've come to the conclusion that for people who aren't on it or need it, it's just a hard concept to understand. But when you spend hours analyzing your face everyday, and you can't just get up and leave the house without making sure your makeup is perfect, then it's not just about a co
  14. OK, so I went to the derm November 10th and my doctor decided that I do need Accutane (YAY! ) I did my first pregnancy test at the office, and they gave me the forms to go get my blood work a few days before my next appt when I'll actually get my prescription. My problem is that this derm is in Texas, where I go to school, and I live in California, where I will be going for winter break. If I start my course December 11th (30 days later) I will run out of meds by the time I get back to Texas t