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  1. yeah i want to stop because BP sucks a lot i hate to be frank, but it works so i have to use i wish i found something else that work because i really do hate BP but it's a love hate
  2. Hasn't let me down

    This works great to hydrate skin without causing too much of a breakout, even on the regime i would recommend this as one of the go to moisturizers, only bad thing is you can look a little greasy but not like crazy amount, to me it's way better than dry flaky skin.
  3. To be honest the acne.org moisturizer isn't very good in my opinion at moisturizing after BP, i flaked like CRAZY. I switched to cetaphil lotion its a little more greasy but not that bad to be honest but it takes most of the flakes away for me i still have tiny couple but that's okay. Or any other lotion is great long as it hydrates you and doesn't flake you and doesn't break you out. Finding a good moisturizer can be very hard
  4. It sounds like your acne isn't bad at all the way you describe it. My recommendation is don't do the regimen because it's time consuming, annoying with the very dry skin from BP and using BP is okay but may worsen things in long run. If i were you is to use the Acne.org cleanser (because it's very good cleanser and cheap too!) and then to moisturize use Dual action moisturizer with sailcyclic acid. Or Find a Sailcyclic acid cleanser and a good non-comedogenic moisturizer
  5. I would consider going to the doctor, but also watching what you eat and natural stuff for acne may work cause antibiotics aren't always good, i know from experience cause it can come back stronger or not at all. I would personally try out natural stuff like drinking Apple cider vinegar diluted or natural ways for it. but if those don't go your way i would end up going to the doctor.
  6. i still suffer from dry flaky skin, but other than that my skin is looking more clear but i'll have to try one of these cause the moisturizer on this site is expensive! and i still flame but i'll try this and see what i get!
  7. i wouldn't risk it to be honest cause it's a peeling agent so don't risk it if you're going to do it i wouldn't personally use BP just my advice though i would keep it safe
  8. Took about 3 months for me. I stopped using the moisturizer once my face got clear. was it just the moisturizer or did the dryness just stopped? or was it a new moisturizer or something different you did?
  9. so i was wondering when did your flaking and excessive dryness stop when using BP as for me the regimen is working good i only have like 3 active pimples, some scars from past acne not too bad in my opinion and some hyper pigmentation. But i'm so damn dry on it i just use the acne.org moisturizer cause they tell me too but i have dryness a lot and flakes. So what do you guys propose? and when did your flakes/dryness stop?
  10. Yeah, i think i'm going to try that when i'm competlely clear by the regimen. My sister became a vegan and totally cleared her skin up so i'm wondering if that will do the trick even though i love meat lol, i know we're different people but same genetics not fully but a lot of the same. But i will look and reduce my usage as i get more clear because i don't like using a ton lol, but the regimen tells me too And p.s how do i know if it's my hormone? do i go see a doctor for that? Blood test?
  11. Hey, i just wanted to get some info from you guys cause i was wondering how long did you use BP for and when you stopped what did you switch to that kept you clear. Cause i don't plan to stay on this regimen for more than 1 year maybe less, i want to know cause BP is really aggressive on my skin as it flakes and make me more sensitivity to the sun and sometimes burns my skin. I don't like using it but i like how it stops acne well. But if you guys can give me some info on you stopping the regime
  12. Great product!!

    This product is great it treats almost all acne! even big cystic ones too ( i don't normally get those) but anyways, there are downsides to a bit 1. YOU WILL FLAKE i mean i flake still and i'm on week 6 of regmine idk if im not moisturizing well enough but i switched moisturizers to cera-ve it's great but i still flake even though i feel hydrated. 2. You get irritated at first but that passes within like 2 weeks of being on it. That's about all the biggest problem i have about this is the flakin
  13. Okay i'll give cera-ve a try cause its good value and i hear it's good i'm a broke college student so it's hard trying to pay for 20 dollar moisturizer and i have cetaphil lotion at home i just really never used but i will now. Thank you all for your suggestions it means a lot to me!
  14. I'm in need of new moisturizer the Dans moisturizer is okay and doesn't really break me out, i think. But please can someone find me a good moisturizer, i want to try cera-ve lotion but people keep telling me its pore clogging and will break me out in like 2 or 3 weeks. But dans moisturizer doesn't moisturizer that great and i still flake LIKE CRAZY cause my flakes should be gone i think i'm coming on to week 6 of regime and i have couple active pimples but overall it's helping a lot but the dry
  15. t-dawg

    Best gentle cleanser

    Best gentle cleanser

    Best gentle cleanser hands down, no need to explain it.