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  1. Warda

    Acne scar

    Klessard , I started having this problem after using retin a in june 2015. My face got extremely sensitive. N everything would scar. Then in 2016 i got weird acne all left scarring on my cheeks it is been 2 years now. Though it has improved a lot. Still i m not fully satisfied. I had left my skin alone was doing nothing. Just from the past week i have started exfoliating twice a week and i use castor n coconut oil later on my face at night. I am student I cant afford High end products or t
  2. Warda

    Acne scar

    Do you guys think the scarring on my cheeks have chancr to improve or not. Provided I have been exfoliatiin my skin using physical exfoliant and this alll hPpened cx of retin a, i had perfect kin before
  3. Never try retin a, it ruins skin, your skin is perfect and marks will go away, don't go near retin a, cant stress it enough.
  4. Here is my skin in worst possible light, my skin was perfectly smooth before using retin a idk why I used it in 2015 for a month as I wanted to be perfect :'( huge mistake of my life, my skin got horrendous scars from that and acne and red marks, though my skin has improved 80-90% but still after 3 years of stopping retin a my skin still has texture, it doesnt appear in day light or medium light but when lighting is really harsh i can still see scars, I can't afford any treatment, just wan