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  1. Warda

    Acne scar

    Klessard , I started having this problem after using retin a in june 2015. My face got extremely sensitive. N everything would scar. Then in 2016 i got weird acne all left scarring on my cheeks it is been 2 years now. Though it has improved a lot. Still i m not fully satisfied. I had left my skin alone was doing nothing. Just from the past week i have started exfoliating twice a week and i use castor n coconut oil later on my face at night. I am student I cant afford High end products or t
  2. Do you guys think the scarring on my cheeks have chancr to improve or not. Provided I have been exfoliatiin my skin using physical exfoliant and this alll hPpened cx of retin a, i had perfect kin before
  3. Never try retin a, it ruins skin, your skin is perfect and marks will go away, don't go near retin a, cant stress it enough.