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  1. "I frequent this board to share my experience with others." What a coincidence – that's what I have been doing, too. "Which means anyone can post their views. Not just ones that concur with yours." Exactly. Again, that is what I have done. What's all this drivel about "concurring"? I thought we were relating our EXPERIENCES – which, in themselves, are purely subjective. We are not analyzing a novel here, for Pete's sake. There is nothing to concur or differ on. Our i
  2. Hey Maya, Thanks! Yum, sounds deeeeelicious...I'll have to give that recipe of yours a whirl. Most of the time, I eat yams from the can (after warming them on the stove); though every now and again, I purchase fresh ones from my supermarket's produce section and bake them in the oven for about an hour (wrapped in aluminum foil). Then, right before I dig in, I sprinkle the bejeezus outta them with cinnamon. Mmmm, my taste buds are all stimulated now (lol)...know what that means...snack t
  3. Healtysceptic: "But it is the height of absurdity to think acne scarring will be cured with Retin A, positive thinking and HA. That is not my opinion. That is a fact. Buy it." Jamesy, my boy...What am I gonna do with you? Just what am I gonna do? LOL. One thing I refuse to do is relegate myself to making subtle jabs at another poster. It is extremely easy for anyone to dictate "That is not my opinion. That is a fact." How clichéd. There are simply going to be some life occurrences
  4. Mimi: Thanks for mentioning that. Ya beat me to it! I dabbled with the vinegar method last November but called it quits after a few weeks or so. The vinegar was too abrasive for my skin and may have actually resulted in more scarring for me. Glad that it has been effective for other folks, though. Quite economical as well - always a bonus. Everyday for the past few months, I have been guzzling down glasses of spring water with freshly squeezed lemon juice – That one's definitely a
  5. Yes James, I fabricated the whole thing because I have nothing better to do. =; Like I alluded to in my earlier post, some folks may be skeptical of HA and its purported effects - apparently you are one of them. But I certainly do not appreciate being insulted essentially; I am no liar. You can choose to believe or not that my scars have filled in completely; it is inconsequential to me. I simply wanted to relate my experience to other posters who may be interested. Lastly, I explicitly
  6. Ylem, Yes, I do attribute my progress to HA, simply because I had been consuming the other oral supplements for several months – Yet, I did not begin to observe a significant difference in my skin's texture until AFTER I began consuming HA. To me, this cannot be purely coincidental (or, at least, as my logic would have it) – but, like I mentioned earlier, I cannot be 100% certain. I tacked on the remark about the other supplements, in case some folks think this HA business is
  7. Ylem, Frankly, I began to observe a difference in the texture of my skin in as little as two weeks. I have been consuming HA tablets for about 4-5 weeks now, and my skin just keeps looking better and better. Mind you, I do a bunch of other collagen-stimulating stuff to my skin (as discussed above). Perhaps HA and my other supplements are functioning synergistically to yield these results. Of course, I consume MUCH MORE than the daily suggested dosage - for several of my oral supplements.
  8. Ylem, Some folks here had written quite some time ago that HA creates the "illusion" of smoothness - but, in my case, my scars are actually healing. Tis no illusion - lol. My pits and indentations have filled in - permanently. I am pleased as punch with HA's effects. I hope you experience similar ones.
  9. I have no experience with Hyaluronic Acid as a topical agent, but I began consuming it as an oral supplement about a month ago and my scars have virtually vanished! The hundreds of red spots I had peppered over my face have all but faded into oblivion, too! Since December of last year, I have been applying Retin-A-Micro and popping in a myriad of other oral supplements to stimulate collagen production, et cetera. But it wasn't until I began the HA this past month that I have observed a DRAMAT
  10. I just spotted your most recent post, Waterwings. Hmmm, if you like, I can email you a MS Word document that I had written for a couple of my girlfriends/fellow classmates about a month ago. I had essentially drafted an anti-acne/anti-aging daily "menu." Its length, however, is ridiculously long (sorta like my posts – lol), so I am not about to post that baby here. Anyhow, I would have to polish it up for ya, but it would at least provide you with a bunch of ideas – since you s
  11. Hmmm...frankly, I think bread is bread...i.e. regardless of color. Brown or wheat bread can as equally wreak havoc on one’s acne as white bread – at least in my case. What the heck is "organic" bread comprised of anyway? Perhaps you can wean yourself gradually from your beloved bread to observe whether or not your acne subsides. Do it for science...LOL As for fruit, every doggone day, I consume blueberries, mandarin oranges, pineapples, apples, and every now and again, cant
  12. ...oops, I forgot to acknowledge Walt Disney...Good morning to you as well! I forgot to mention earlier, too - my mind is like a sieve today...LOL - that bread is purportedly a colossal no-no for acne. So, no biscuits or toast for breakfast! [-( And I had absolutely loved French bread. Of course, some folks here may relate totally different experiences with these foods. Devising an acne-friendly diet is essentially an individual process and one subject to trial and error. Cheers!
  13. Morning Waterwings, I eliminated milk from my diet a few months ago and reduced my potatoes consumption, because I, too, read that they could induce acne. (Sweet potatoes, however, are supposed to be excellent for the skin. I.e. they are copious in Vitamin A and stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid. Anyhow, I digress...) For breakfast, I now eat a bowl of sugar-free oatmeal (Yep, it is the instant stuff, but what can you do? Time is of the essence here. ) AND a bowl of Egg Beater
  14. HAHAHA! With today's economy, you are probably right. Ph.D.s are like "starving artists" these days. But at least I'll have a pretty diploma I can frame and hang on my wall. /
  15. Bonjour JC, Yes, I know about the hormones injected into turkey and chicken. Thing is though...I cannot starve myself for Pete’s sake...LOL! I eat fish, usually salmon, for lunch and then chicken, either baked or grilled, for dinner. I may gobble down some baked turkey a couple of times per week. No red meat for this gal – not related to acne or anything. In any case, I HAVE to eat meat; the notion of becoming a vegetarian is silly to me. (Besides, I am 5’6� an