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  1. japanstudent

    Acne for 18 years now

    You shouldn't give up. And be happy the girls actually check you out x) But keep trying. Maybe try Asian skin care products. Asians take really great care of their skin and I've been meaning to try some of their products myself. But on top of trying new products, don't stress it. Keep your hopes up and try getting to the root of your acne. What causes your particular acne? Do you easily break out when you touch your face? Look at the ingredients that are shown off in the products you use. Try se
  2. japanstudent

    Before and after what do you think ??

    That's amazing o.o Congrats
  3. japanstudent

    Acne that just won't go away :( What to do?

    I feel your pain. In fact I'm sure we all do. I just turned 19 and I read that for lots of people acne will begin to subside between the ages of 18 and 20. I wish I had monitored my acne before I turned 18. Anyway, for me, I definitely get pimples when I start stressing. And actually that's where my acne started: stress. But of course as time went on it turned out to not be the core of the problem anymore. But maybe that will reduce your acne a bit. It is hard, but try not to stress your acne. T
  4. japanstudent

    Advice on My Acne

    Hey everyone, I'm new here. My name is Jamal. I'm 19. I started having acne when I was probably around 12-13 years old and of course I've had it ever since. I was one of the unfortunate ones in my family to get hit by it. Before I would get just a pimple or two here and there but they'd be large on the downside. But now it's widespread all across my face. However on the bright side they aren't massive. I'm assuming I have moderate acne at the moment. So, I'm looking for tips. What can I do for