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  1. HarleyZ birth control is going to help you so much! My skin was gorgeous on the pill. I only got tiny pimples once in a while. It will take just a few more months for you to see the full effect for your skin.
  2. Update pics. No pain, less redness. Exactly what I was wishing/hoping trying to make happen.
  3. @cloudydreamer Thank you mama! I'm going to go ahead and stop using it and continue with Vitamin A and C.
  4. So I took a good look at the picture above after I posted it, and my skin seems really greasy! Therefore I stopped the caveman regimen and went back to washing my face twice a day (using as less time as I can and being really gentle) with Garnier's Clarifying Wash for Sensitive Skin. My skin feels really good today but not going to jinx it by posting a picture. I will post one Saturday for sure!! Current Daily Regimen: 1. Wash quickly with tap water and face wash. Rinse with BPA free bottled
  5. You are so beautiful with or without acne!! Keep your head up high, do what you know gives you some relief. Mine was eliminating processed sugars, limiting oils and salt, and just drinking water. Also trying not to worry or stress about my acne because that makes it a little worse! Good luck and keep us updated how being back on the regimen goes.
  6. Worst that I have ever been. Am late on my period so that's another joyous stressor to add to the mix. But I am still accepting! I am so accepting of it that I have scheduled a dermatology appt on the 27th to get help. Monday will be two weeks without makeup.
  7. My breakout is spreading and is painful but so far I think the worst is over. I've been icing the skin around my mouth twice a day (I put ice in a baggie and rotate it so every area that has a history of breaking out gets five minutes of ice time). So here is my updated regimen. To be noted, I know I wanted to post new pics of my skin but I feel like there's no big change since the Big Breakout of last week lol: Morning: Gently rinse with DISTILLED water (hahaha in earlier posts I wrote "dilute
  8. Update: Had a HUGE breakout last week. It was god darn awful. Decided to stop wearing makeup to really let my skin breathe. It's not good because I have scarring and active pimples but I am no longer in pain. Trying to keep my hair out of my face as much as possible and on a modified caveman regimen. Have another thread going because I had to vent about my frustration with my breakouts. Posting an update pic on Thursday. Wont be pretty but at least there's no major redness or swelling anymore.
  9. Aww man that stinks! Sending good vibes the new medication brings you the relief you need!!
  10. Her idea is the best one, didn't even think of that ⬆⬆
  11. @altruilife it's challenging; it's the hardest thing to do but sometimes its needed in order to start living life the way you want to. Personally I am tired of feeling scared and ashamed of my skin and hiding behind makeup and false confidence. If people don't accept me the way I am maybe I shouldn't invest so much time in them if they decide to focus on the superficial things. I will still "care" for my skin but I am longer going to care about it so much! PM me if u ever need to vent!
  12. Your in-law probably meant well but I know how much it probably upset you! I've had that happen to me before too. Don't try a chemical peel or anything too intense as three weeks might not be enough to entirely heal! I would say just don't touch your skin, have your hair up and away from it and no makeup so your skin can breathe and finish what it's doing and get a little stronger for the wedding. Or maybe do a simple method that has eased your acne in the past. Employ as much help as you can fo
  13. Just returning the love...you got this! You can handle anything. Isn't it strange that our skin (acne/excema sufferers) is so sensitive that any little imbalance in our lives can tip the scales towards new pimples forming? I'm trying out the modified cavemam regime where I gently wash my face once/twice a day with distilled water and air dry. If it looks really oily at the end of the day I'll wash it with a gentle cleanser. I just want my skin to be a little bit stronger and thicker...I think I'
  14. I have. I've stopped taking all supplements except an occasional Vitamin A and C pill when my fruit and veggie intake isn't good on a particular day.
  15. Thank you so much. I am getting a hormone blood panel run on Monday and I also plan to do another one in January to follow up and see what's going on. Birth control is so difficult, it's like playing a game of roulette...it's so frustrating that some of it works so well for some people, and others like you and me have bad reactions to it. Maybe there's a possibility that you could try a different brand? If you think your acne is androgenic, some people have had success with Inositol. Others pref