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  1. Is it ok to take laxatives whilst taking accutane. I am currently taking 50mg.
  2. It's a very bad relapse, it's also progressivly getting worse each day. I was on 20mg for the first month, 40mg for th second and third and 50mg for the forth and last month. I still have a lot of hyperpigmentation scars
  3. Over the past 2/3 weeks my skin has gone from spot free to moderate acne. From April until august 2016 I took a course of accutane which cleared my severe acne completely however it has relapsed. Any reasons for this and can I get rid of it?
  4. I just finished accutane (so my face is still pretty sensitive) and my face has no raised spots/acne. However, my face is covered in hyperpigmentation scars which actually look like acne. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get rid of these and fast?
  5. Hello! Can any one recommend a foundation that has very good coverage for acne, and acne scars! For combination skin, thanks
  6. I'm on my 6th day of accutane and my skin is already becoming extremely dry. I'm currently using boots simply sensitive moistriser but once it is applied to my skin, my face burns and stings? Is this normal? I'm thinking of changing the moisturiser to a better brand. I have really sensitive, combination skin. Any opinions on avenno or cetaphil. Thanks.
  7. I'm starting a course of Accutane next week, min. of 4 months. Anyone have any tips relating to diet or general tips? P.S I eat a lot of sugar. Also can anyone recommend a face moisturiser for sensitive skin?
  8. I'm 14, and I have moderate acne all over my face. I've had it for two years and I've tried everything to try to get rid of it. I've been on antibiotics, 'lymecyline' which did not work. I need the truth... Does this acne regimen actually work?