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  1. Day 35 Well ive been breaking out somewhat.... But i'm still happy. I went to the derm today, and she said my cholestro-all is high. She told me to fast 12 hours before the blood test, stop eat greasy foods and red meats. After she said that i was like"what do i eat then". She said if it remains high i will have to go on another medication to go with accutane to keep it down. So im gonna try to eat right during the month. The doc said the medication seems to already be working so thats good.
  2. dont worry, my nose felt like sand paper around two weeks ago and i swear its smooth now. By the way im on day 33, good luck and keep positive and im sure we'll both be clear by summer.
  3. alright cool thanx guys....Ill set up a appointment with an ortho and get some mri's when i get the results then ill talk to the derm,
  4. just tell your derm, IF it is a new one- That u been on many different antibiodics in the past with other derms, and say i want to go on accutane- tell them that u know all the side affects and i dont want to be taking the antibodics for years just to controll your acne- you want take a 5 or 6 month streach of accutane to be possibly cure for life. And if your acne is bad enough the derm will recognize how much it means to u, and put u on it.
  5. WHat up getting it done, dont worry its gonna get better- i had a good face day today- i was superdry for like the last week. but today its all good. i felt a little bad last week but i am much happier this week. SO let see if you get better in a week. And if you do, ill be like you fortune teller and if you dont ill be here to support you cause were all going through this togather and only we know what were going through. PS do good on your finals i got mine in a couple weeks.
  6. Day 29 Start of week 5 Alot of good things have happen since day one. First of im happy im on to month 2 I did have the initial breakout but it wasnt that bad just about one bad week and thats all. I dont see any chance of scaring. i do only got one red mark left from the cyst i got. I have had some small pimple since the ib. but it literly comes and goes in 24 hrs no b.s. I do still got really chap lips, sore joints, and dry skin. But thats all!!! Everything is worth clear skin. I dont
  7. I injured myself a couple weeks before going on accutane.....and i was wondering can you have surgery on LIGAMENTS because i want to go to the hostpital to get fix up but i dont want to stop the tane? and also do you think the accutane can make my injuries worse even after im done. I had spraind my ankle the week before tane very bad and its been about 6 weeks and it still hurts do you also think that it can prolong my recovery time or in the future had made it worse. The other injury
  8. oh my fucking god, Spillet was just asking a question. Acne is a very serious problem in which we all have, no matter if one persons got it worser than others. He obvisly has a case were it wont go away, maybe it aint as bad as others but it is a serious problem. Why wouldnt he want to take fuckin Accutane- this shit could possibly cure him forever and he wont have to stress about it anymore- and how the fuck can a person judge from a picture and try to put a person down when we all are here fo
  9. I wouldnt have huge breakouts, i just have very consistant mild acne that no treatments work for me. I started to see some some scaring on my cheek and so then i wanted to stop the acne and the scaring. Yah i have a log go check it out(just look 4 the user name ryry3. i got a pic of me at day 18 where i was breaking out where i never was before so i hope that was the IB. Im better now than i was a week ago.... I had a big ass pimple on my cheek and its totaly gone with just a red mark. Also las
  10. So whats up dream girl, your in the post tane era now- thanks 4 the words of encouragement....I know you said your clear......so how does it feel?
  11. Day 21 alright skin seems to be better from last week......... Alright some other side affects ive been having. I feel more soreness in my joints but i would say i would be more acceptable towards that than almost everyone on this board. I got some soreness in my left ankle and my right shoulder. I injured them both about a week before taking tane, but i had these injuries before and they never took this long for then to heal and not hurt this long. Her just goes a list of the bones i broke a
  12. whats up- first of all i want to wish you good luck.... i was reading your log and like you i got really really sensitive skin also, seems kinda weird for a guy but its true. I started a week ahead of you and im on day 21 right now. I got my IB on day 15 also- but since then i aint got nothing yet. It has cleared up really nicely, so im hoping its all up hill from here... later
  13. ryry3

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  14. Day 20 I got Silkia camillia oil in the mail yesterday and what i can tell you is that it is a great moisterizer and it helps with the red marks, it doest'nt make u break out and it helps with indented scars. So im gonna use this along with accutane and hope it works like i heard from many users.
  15. Here goes a pic of me At day 19.......with Initial Breakout.... i hope [attachmentid=6756] oh yah i forgot to comb my hair- thats a pic about 20 min out of shower with the silkia camillia oil on face i probably post one each month.