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  1. bruisedhead

    Done with accutane. 8months on 20mg

    So finally after 8 months I am acne free! I hope this is the last time I take accutane. This has been my second time. While I have no pimples, I have lots of scaring and little holes from popping pimples before. Hopefully the scars fade and later on I can get something done about these little deeper scars holes. I finished accutane about 5 days ago. I still have a bit of dry lips and my hair still isn't oily. Maybe within a week I'll go back to being oily as usual. I definely feel better now and
  2. bruisedhead

    ACCUTANE 20MG. should i go up

    okay so in about a week or less ill be going to month 5 on accutane. ive been taking 20mg this whole time (sometimes i did take 40mg like once a week) but anyways im getting frustrated because i feel like by this month i should be happy with my skin and im not. ive read some posts about people going up at the end of their treatment. do you guys think i should? i dont have a derma because i got accutane from peru and i live in usa. also anybody know any good things to apply to my scars? i feel l
  3. almost done with month 4 and still getting a pimple or two. really annoying but idk if its because im taking 20mg and its a low dosage that it takes longet to get better :l

    1. So I've been on accutane for 4 months now (20mg) and just recently I noticed some improvements but I'm still getting a pimple or two. What I really hate is the scarring. Anybody know the best way to get rid of them while on accutane? Sometimes I feel like my face is getting better and then it takes a step back and gives me two more pimples either way all I gotta do is wait. But I wanna improve my scars. I want to go out and not wear makeup and feel normal.
    2. bruisedhead

      New year new face??

      So I posted a few days ago my issue but I'm just starting to get the hang of acne.org and how to post stuff (it's difficult for me idk why) but anyways I wanted to do this blogging thing since my first pill but couldn't. My BF got me a laptop and a better phone so yay now I can posts much easier. I feel good today because so far I have no active pimples. I have 2-3 that are healing and then just a lot of scars but I can cover that with my makeup so yay I feel happy. My period just finished toda
    3. I've been moisturizing my face like crazy and is not really that dry but I just want these scars to fade away. Is there any other option? Or maybe me moisturizing too much is making me break out :c

      1. bruisedhead

        20mg accutane starting 4month

        Well when I first started my skin wasn't super bad. Maybe like 3-5 pimples but since I was use to having clear skin I went mad and decided to take accutane again noticing it was starting to get bad. Of course with that my skin became extremely bad. I was in another country and maybe that made it worse too but omg I had like 10 pimples at some point and huge bumps. It made me so sad. Just recently is a bit better but I still get 2-3. I'm left with bad scars though :-( I really hope I see res
      2. This is my first post on here since I didn't really know how to use this website. Anyways this is my accutane story: im 21 now and had acne since I was 13 maybe. Basically my whole middle school and high school time I've been hiding myself because of how self conscious I am. My acne has made my depression and anxiety worse. I like to think I could of been a happy girl who had friends and went out a lot but due to my acne I just wanted to stay home and not see anyone. At around age 16 my acn
      3. Back here again but not sure what to do. Anyone can help?

        1. how can i make a blog entry :c

          1. Can someone please help me on how to post on here? would really need help with advice about accutane and so on :c im hopeless

            1. im not sure how to post on here yet :c need a friend,