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  1. thank you! I really hope this works out for me fingers crossed. And yes i will definitely keep you all updated
  2. So if you read the original post, i was previously trialing out vitamin D for my acne but it wasn't really working so i stopped taking it and i started something else and these are my before and after pics with my new regimen..
  3. i stopped taking the vitamin D. I started taking something else and i feel like maybe it's working. I don't want to name what it is as of yet because i really want to try it out for a few more days. I am in a real rush to get my skin clear because my wedding is in 7 weeks and i want my skin to look nice. I am not sure whether my acne is hormonal i have a feeling it has to do with digestive issues. I have had digestive issues for a while now. Currently my forehead is getting clearer with what i
  4. Thank you for the info So these are my 1 week results ever since my first post. I have been taking a 1000 IU vitamin D daily. I have not been washing my face very often and i just use rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad to clean my skin and follow up with the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo cream. I have also started drinking more water. To be honest my skin looks worse than my before pics. I cant see much of an improvement Do you guys have any idea what this type of acne is and how i can trea
  5. So i have started a new regimen which seems to be working in reducing my acne (which is mostly just clogged pores) i am not going to tell you what i am using (and taking) until i am sure that it is actually these things for sure that are helping. My original post mentioned that i was trialing Vitamin D however that really wasn't working out so i stopped taking it. If my current regimen keeps working i will post back within a few days so stay tuned. I have taken before and after pics of my new