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  1. I was 3 months on accutane 10mg/day and this my result. What do you think ? Before: After:
  2. This is my last month on accutane and it is working pretty good and I am almost clean , but i still get a pimple here and there (no cysts). Is that normal?
  3. i got these red marks from old cysts how can i reduce the redness
  4. but i am on accutane right now can i still use it ?
  5. Hi , I have this pimple for 2 months and i am wondering if it is going away and what i can do about it.
  6. I know my doctor said i should take zinc pills and eat healthy
  7. So i had a really bad cystic acne on the t-zone so i started with accutane (1 month)and i want to know what you guys think. Before : After