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  1. An update I did my second treatment of Airgent with Dr Matta a few weeks ago, and I am really liking the results so far. The first treatment didn't give much result, so I didn't post anything except how my skin reacted. After the second treatment, I definitely noticed improvement- still hard to put a number on it, but apparently when I look at my face in the elevator mirror (which usually makes my skin looks horrible), it doesn't look as bad any more! Particularly on the temple area, where
  2. good to know you are still having improvements. by the way, maybe I missed it -- did you go to the downtown Dr? if not, how was the discussion you said you would have?
  3. I fought it for 15 years! But with modern techniques, it is getting much easier. One tip I could give, which was very important for me personally but not sure whether will apply to you is, try to sleep on your back and avoid any contact between your face and the pillow/linens. The acnes kept popping up on my lower jaws which troubled me for a long time until I figured this out. Ever since I started doing this, they rarely returned. I wish I had this knowledge when I was younger. I had
  4. Julian, don't be misled my the photos. As I have emphasized, the photos do not really show the severity of my scarring for some reason, (might be due to the lighting, my right side face almost looks smooth, but trust me it is not), it is only day 3, and I have yet to see any result. no treatment will be this dramatic. If my skin looked as good as in the photos, I probably wouldn't be on this forum. As you can see I don't have many icepicks, but under unfavourable lighting it is very wavy looking
  5. The Doctor took some photos, I didn't, largely because i don't find the photos able to show the severity of my scarring - for example, when I look at the photos I just took, my right side face looks pretty good with little scarring (which is more like my goal, not the status quo) , but that's definitely not how things are in real life. Maybe because of the lighting? I took them in the bathroom facing the bathroom sink/lights. I just uploaded more two photos to my gallery (day 3). My healing
  6. Yes I drove back. There is no anesthesia involved, not even tropic one. Where do you live? why not just drive? yes, I will just stay with the same dr. To drive to Brampton every 3 months is not a big deal. I do it midday Friday so traffic is normally not bad. If I decide to pursue more sessions after the third, I will consider the downtown clinic.
  7. You are welcome. I used to live in California and now in Toronto. It seems I am healing fast. Today (day 2) most of the bruising is gone. Now I just look like I have a *moderate* acne situation. The doctor said I will look "horrible" for 5-7 days, but it is only day 2, it is nowhere near "horrible" and I think I am comfortable walking outside already. Not sure if it is a good or bad thing (whether I am a quick healer, or my skin is not responding?) Do you plan to change doctor? I l
  8. So I had the treatment done yesterday. Dr Matta and his staff were all very nice. The treatment essentially involved no pain and lasted 30 minutes, and the price was not bad (full face $600+Tax). Immediately after the treatment, my face was quite swollen. By the time I arrived home (an hour later), it was already better. It is not as horrible as I thought. I even went out for some grocery shopping with a hoodie on last night. There are simply a lot of mosquito bites like reddish bumps. Hone
  9. Damn it, I didn't know! I initially book for two weeks ago and changed it to next Friday!
  10. No Hope, best luck on your treatment tomorrow. My appointment is next Friday, and I am super excited. Do you think 3 days are enough for the down time and will I be presentable for work on Tuesday? I probably would have to call in sick Tuesday! A more important question: do I need to apply anything after the treatment? if so, What Do i need to buy in advance (as I will be too hideous to go to the store afterwards).
  11. @no_hope TCA CROSS was done in a different country, but I know that some doctors do perform this procedure in Toronto. My understanding is that it works best for deep and small icepicks scars, while fillers normally work better with shallow but larger ones. @austra 3 sessions won't help that much. You need to do 6-7 to see visible improvement.
  12. I used to have everything - a total mess. I think TCA cross helped filling many icepicks (deep narrow craters) and I still have tons, primarily some boxscars on the center cheeks/temples and rolling scars on the jawline as well as other areas. My doctor says my scars are not that deep, but there are just so many of them, giving the entire face a wavy look. no_hope, I called just now and apparently they have the machine updated already. I have rescheduled my appointment to Nov 8 so that
  13. No HOPE, did you get your treatment on the day of your first consultation? I was thinking maybe I should reschedule until they have the new machine to save a 45 minutes trip which I need to take a day off for. I'd like to have the consultation AND treatment on the same visit if possible. 4meracneguy, I had several different types of treatment in the past 10 years. Some worked (TCA cross), some didn't help at all (frationate laser $2000, dermabrasion $1500). Some I am not sure (dermaroller,
  14. It is just consultation. I asked if the procedure can be done on the same day, the receptionist said no. What you mentioned is probably why. your welcome. you got an appointment for the 15? i called cuople days Ago and they said there getting a new machine and waiting on it. how did they give u a date and not me that doesnnt make sense. did they mention anything about them getting a new model? thanx
  15. You are right. When I called them, they said they don't do it any more because of "supplier issues". Don't know what means but I made an appointment with Dr Matta later for the 15th. I am at downtown, Brampton is farther than Richmond Hill but not significantly. $670 is not bad if it gives some sort of detectable improvement. Like you, I have done quite a few treatments in the past years and many didn't seem to show any results despite the high cost. Anyway, I will give it a shot. T