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  1. Any idea whether or not it is affected or not? It started growing on Monday, and it got worst since.. I tried squeezing it a couple of times, but nothing came out and it hurts a lot. It's really big now and I need it to go away. Any Cheap remedy that can cure it fast? How long do you think it will heal? 
    It was much smaller Monday and got worst last night. I try putting toothpaste, Ice, Alcohol, and Neosporin and it only got darker. Please help me. Planning on going to CVS or Rite aid tomorrow to get something for it.
    Aka:I know it's bad to pop it, but usually when I pop a pimple it doesn't look like this.. Not sure if it is a blind pimple or Cyst pimple, but it's still a very disgusting looking zit.



  2. This is a stupid habit that I have. everytime I see a stupid black head I tend to pop it.. I usually pop it out but the skin around it get scratched or peeled.. after that it leaves a reddish mark where the peeled skin is.. Usually this take me about a month to heal. however, during August I had a minor black head and somehow I manage to peel a large portion of the skin on my nose.. This large portion of skin that was peeled still has not healed.. Any advise to make it go away faster? Any skin products that will prevent scaring from peeling skin on the nose from blackhead? I would love some advise.


  3. I know this is bad, but I couldn't resisted....
    3 month ago I had a blackhead.... I got rid of it good.... That sucker came out, but it peeled my skin... Usually it takes me a couple of weeks to heal it, but it's been 3 month... It's healed, but there's a reddish scar now... 
    I linked a picture... Please give me some advice ASAP please.....