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  1. Moomoocow can you send me a link to the bha that you use and also do you moisturize with the hydrin when you use it at night too?
  2. Yepp came out of nowhere after Accutane and I extensively looked up keratosis pilaris. I'm pretty sure that's what it is. He gave me an internal and external antibiotic and then a cream for eczema/keratosis. Hasn't helped at all. I'm sooo mad. Took Accutane to get rid of acne and it gave me this, which is worse cause it won't go away.
  3. @prayingforcure I think I did about a 5 month course 80 mg a day. It's been about 6 months and these showed up 3 months ago and have been constant. I just don't get it because my skin was NEVER like this BEFORE Accutane.
  4. Okay so prior to taking Accutane I'd only have one or two really stubborn pimples and that was it. After finishing Accutane my face looks like this. I know it's nasty, that's why I'm hoping for some advice or someone else this has happened to or what anyone even thinks this is? It's like a gazillion bumps with a few big ones. You can really only notice it in sunlight and at certain angles. I went to my derm and he prescribed me stuff but it isn't working at all. Help!?
  5. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to in a month! Hopefully. :)
  6. I'm entering month 2 right now and had a bad IB. I'm hoping it starts to simmer down now. I can't wait for clear skin either! Ughhhh.
  7. Hi! I think the first week I started Accutane my face got ridiculously oily. My skin is never toooo oily but for some reason in the beginning it literally looked like I took a stick of butter and whiped it on my gace, especially my forehead. After that first week though I started to get dry. Good luck with your course and just be prepared for an initial breakout. Mine's been lasting about 3 weeks now. :/ Hopefully now that I'm in month 2 it stops.
  8. You're a month ahead of me and I'm excited to hear that you didn't get any pimples for a week! My IB has lasted about 3 weeks so far. Hopong now that I'm entering month two it'll stop. :/
  9. I've been on Tane for about the same amount of time as you. Just a few days ahead and I think my initial breakout is being just as pesky! I started to get mine at the beginning of week two so it's been going on about 3 weeks now! Hopefully now that we're in month two it'll stop. Fingers crossed.
  10. Officially in the second month. What can I say? The first month was hell. Still not sure if my initial breakout is over. I didn't wipe my face with a rag in the shower last night so there's a bunch of dry skin on my face and I wear makeup so when I ate lunch all the makeup on my chin cracked. Embarrasing. Anyways I literally probably have about 20-25 spots on my face. Only one of them is big though but most of them are on my chin so yeah. I'm just trying to stay out of anything social altogether
  11. Ugh when will it end? Still breaking out. I have the same ones that I started with on my chin that feel like they're taking centuries to heal and go away, I got 3 on the side of my cheek, and 3 that were small bumps become big on my forehead, and then there's one under my freaking left eye that is ridiculous. It has so much pressure and just feels like a big lump of water. I can see it! It's like obsuring my vision hahaha it looks like I got punched in my eye to be honest. I'm sure it doesn't ac
  12. So I have about 20 pimples and they're all on my chin. They've been there for a week (well I started out with about 10 but I get 1 or 2 new ones a day so now there's like 20). Each day goes by and my skin is getting less oil so it's getting dryer and I think it's making my pimples look worse. They itch and there's a lot of pressure and I can't wait for them to be gone. I hope my face calms down because they're taking forever to heal too. If I quit getting pimples at least my skin would look bett
  13. Day 11 whoo! Okay so if you read my day 8 you know that I had an initial breakout that day and messed with them (shame on me). If you didn't read it well...that's what happened. That caused my breakouts to become very red and finally they are starting to look less irritated. They're also drying up still. I'm hoping none of these Accutane pimples scar. Nothing too significant but bumps on my face looking smaller everyday is nothing to complain about. I can't say I've had any more breakouts but ju