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  1. I use a sulfur product called "Adult Acnomel". Its a combination of sulfur and resorcinal. I like it alot. It really cleans out my pores. I have to really clean my face and use a toner to get it off in the morning. I also use a tea called Flora Herbal Tea Clear Complexion. Using these two products and zinc picolinate, b5 I can prevent alot of break outs.
  2. The best acne product I've found is a tea. I bought it at a health food store but its available online too. Its called Flora Herbal Tea Clear Complexion. I've been using it for about a month and I dont break out as much. Its not a cure but it defintely prevents new acne. I also like sulfur/resorcinol medications. You can find the tea at health food stores or google it to find it on the web. On the flora web site its currently sold out. https://shopping.florahealth.com/products.a...p;productid=1
  3. Most over the counter acne products have an ingredient called Salycylic acid. This chemical is essentialy aspirin. You might as well just buy the over the counter products.
  4. hi, If you buy any moisturizer make sure it says "non-comodegenic". That means it wont clog pores. I like the curel original formula. A combination of sulfur/resorcinol will clean out your pores and prevent break outs. Make sure you get a good toner to clean your face also. I highly recommend a tea which has helped me alot. Its called Flora Hertal Tea Clear Complexion. You can google it or find it an health food stores.
  5. Hey people, I’m still using this Tea for the past two months. I’m so happy. My skin looks great. I was so happy that today I decided to recheck this post. I was shocked to see that no one cared about my post. It got almost no responses. This tea really helped me. I struggled with acne for 10 years and this tea is the only good thing that helped me. I honestly just want to spread the word so that it can help other people. I called the company today and they said there going to discontinue th
  6. I'm still using this tea and I dont have huge breakouts anymore. I get a few small blemishes here and there but nothing how I used to. I really feel this tea has helped me so much. I cant believe people havent showed any real interest in this post. I'm very curious for other people to try it for a few weeks to a month to see what results they have. I"m curious if it will help other people. Give the tea a try and then post on here if it works at all for you. I only post this because I know how fr
  7. hey guys. I've been using the tea for about three weeks. The tea has helped me alot. I know my post sounded like a huge commercial for this company. I just posted it because it helped me and I'm hoping it helps other people. I also really like the surfur/resorcinol that I'm using. It seems to really clean out my pores. In the morning though, I really have to clean my face and use toner to get it off. I looked at the tea box and it doesnt have burdock root tea. The ingredients are on the link I p
  8. Hey People. I do not want to sound like some silly commercial for these products and I’m not trying to sell you stuff. I just want to share some advice because I’ve found some products that have really, really helped me. I’ve had acne for over 10 years. I’ve tried every cream, pill and “treatment†you can think of. I even tried accutane many years ago and had horrible side effects. I tried Photo Dynamic Therapy a few months ago but it did not help me. I’m no longer breaking ou
  9. I see alot of people complaining about this topic coming up to often. No one is forcing you to read the thread. The reason it comes up is because there might be some truth in it. A Lot of people (men in particular) seem to notice there skin improving greatly when they dont masterbate. I have tested this for months. Every time I stop doing that within a few days my skin looks great. I of course dont want to give up sex and masterbation. They are very natural things to do. I've read that masterbat
  10. I"ve heard lots of times that it doesnt cause acne. My own beliefs would lead me to conclude that acne is caused by something unnatural. Maybe something toxic in the air or food we eat. The thing is though that I've tested this theory and I'm convinced that I do break out when i masterbate. I understand the post that some people put. Everyone has sex and everyone masturbates. The only thing I can think of is that some people with acne prone skin for whatever reason break out when they masterbate
  11. Thank you for your posts. I'm glad this treatment has helped some people. The first treatment didnt help me much. I wish I could know if getting 2 more treatments like the dermatogists recommended will actually help me. Its so much money if I include the missed days from work.
  12. Hi, I got this procedure done about two 1/2 weeks ago. If you would like to read about it please see my post on the other PDT/levulan message board. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=72106 I had microdermabrasion, then levulan put on, then the levulan activated with a laser. The whole procedure wasnt a big deal. I was red for a few days and got some flaky peely skin. It was like a sun burn. The redness and flaky skin were nothing but I did feel very sick for about 6 days.
  13. I paid 600 for just one treatment. The dermatologists recommended that I get 3 treatments, each one being 600. It's been a week sense I got the first treatment done. The redness only lasted two days. I only got minor peeling. I did feel sick for 5-6 days though. I had to take 4 days off from work. I had a headache, my eyes were very dry and i was extremely sensitive to the sun. Its now a week and I feel fine. My skin also looked smoother for a few days but now I'm breaking out again. I'm n