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  1. Oh btw mini punch grafting for a surgical scar was talked about in this thread if you're interested: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/352685-recell-for-hypopigmentation-burn
  2. Do you think another revision could heal better this time because there would be less tension or is that totally out of the question? Not sure if it makes sense but this website blurb kinda describes what I'm trying to say: [Edted link out] Basically the closure is closer together now so would pull apart less like a serial excision. Was also thinking... have you ever looked into mini punch grafting? Mini punches around 1mm are taken from behind the ear. Same punches are punched ou
  3. A close-up pic of the scar would help (doesn't have to show your whole face). Retin-a is definitely a great idea. Maybe vitamin C topical. Vitamin E is actually not the best for scars and can produce an irritation reaction for some. When moisture needed vaseline, aquaphor, infadolan are good instead. Maybe look into microneedling, spot chemical peels and/or subcision. Treatment depends on how wide and deep it is.
  4. That makes so much sense... I think you must be right. Do you wait 4 or 5 weeks between sessions?
  5. I totally notice this same timeline for both microneedling and 50% TCA cross.
  6. Did your previous scar revision have interior stitches so it would be less likely to pull apart? Maybe the first time the skin had to be pulled a lot to come together and there was too much tension? I wonder if a second time it would be more successful because the margins are already closer together and there might be less tension. Kind of like how for large scars serial excision is often done a little bit at a time over months instead of all in one go and produces a better end result. Botox to
  7. Wow, your progress looks great. You're right the TCA cross spots look worse for a while but they do keep filling in. Keep it up and I think you'll get great improvement.
  8. Yes, most I treated only once a couple were treated a second time. It does take a while though I thought they still looked enlarged for like a month but now completely back to normal. Can't even tell which pores they were. For some the TCA did ever so slightly touch the walls of the enlarged pore (be careful) as well as the base. During the healing the walls caved in a little, looked slightly depressed for a while but by the end were not enlarged anymore and completely raised up. Takes time. Whe
  9. I had several scarred pores that I performed 50% TCA cross on (wouldn't use higher % or might scar). For a few I used the pointiest toothpicks I could find and the rest I actually used a wooden bristle that I broke off of a broom that was even smaller and could fit (broom was new and sanitized bristle with alcohol). It worked perfectly. After 2-4 weeks the scarred pores were as good as new I was so surprised. It takes a while for the collagen to build up and fill it in. Didn't think it had worke
  10. How's the healing going? It usually takes 2-4+ weeks to completely heal from TCA cross. Feels like a long process. I keep the wounds/scabs moist with vaseline or aquaphor and find that makes a big difference.
  11. You could also do subcision + suction the first couple treatments and see how much your own body can fill in the scars. You could then follow that with subcision + filler at a later treatment and you would likely need less filler than you would have the first time. Filler is expensive so it depends on your budget. If suctioning isn't an option though then I would definitely go with the filler. If you have a lot of TCA Cross scars then suctioning won't be an option near those areas and filler ins
  12. Several subcisions + suction and fillers is the way to go. Your surface texture doesn't look too bad, which is what lasers are for. Good luck!
  13. This sounds like Dr. Novick? His answers on RealSelf are always so great. He seems like a doctor I would want to see for treatment as well. If you end up going I would be really interested to hear how it goes! There was actually a recent thread with someone talking about seeing him for subcision + fillers. Hope your next treatment goes well!
  14. In my experience 50% TCA Cross works like a charm for scarred pores around the nose area. At least I've had great luck with it. Interesting idea though...
  15. Retin-A should take care of that. Maybe occasional light chemical peels like salicylic acid, which is soluble in oil and can exfoliate oily pores.