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  1. hi, you don't know me, but i just wanted to tell you that i hope you have a really good day today. maybe you'll see this someday and come back and remember all the memories you had here. never forget. =)

  2. hi glennis, i hope ur doing ok :)

  3. i still miss you :(

  4. Wheres the Sam from LOTR gif...that was the best one Jaffa thinks..Get it back!!! :pretendninja:

  5. well reason people say they're bad is cause they kill the good bacteria aswell as bad, so its recommended you take some form of probiotics during and after any antibiotics to replace the good. you get probiotics in natural yogurt from what i remember, or you can just take supplements, probably the easiest way. just search on google.
  6. nothing really just kinda stressed with skool, how are u :)

  7. i think i need a lobotomy, you any good?

  8. in regards to your personal statement, i agree :)

  9. it's funny how people try to avoid sayin it was lh. cmon, who else is sad enough to hack an acne website.
  10. happy late new year to you too lol, yeah i'm doing good right now. things are looking up for me at the moment and i have high hopes for 2008, so yeah cant complain ;)

  11. hey there!! how the devil are youu?? things are pretty good right now..just enjoying the rest of the christmas hols!! which reminds me....HAPPY NEW YEAR! can u believe its 2008 already? time flies! lol