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  1. Omg I have the same problem these days and I'm also using the Garnier Micellar water. Do the rashes/red bumps also disappear again during the day?
  2. Hey sorry to hear that. I've been on Yasmin for longer than 1 year and I still get the same amount of breakouts.. really frustrating. Unfortunately it's not going to be a life saver for everyone with acne.
  3. Just alright

    Works great for whiteheads, not for under the skin pimples
  4. Vichy Dermablend foundation! Great coverage, suits oily skin, high spf and non comedogenic. Some people say it's high coverage but if I use this I can still see my freckles. It just really take the redness away and it feels like there's nothing on your skin
  5. Katy your skin looks soso good! And enjoy your vacation to the Bahamas!!
  6. I've also been drinking this tea ever since, I forgot about how I first saw this as an ''acne treatment'' because it just taste so good! Glad to hear that you're clear! Who knows.. it must have played his part because of the many antioxidants in this tea. And thankyou so much, you're really gorgeous yourself! Love your face structure.
  7. Don't put anything on an open wound. Don't try to speed up the healing process, just let your body do it's work
  8. To sleep with honey on my face. One big sticky mess when I woke up xd
  9. Well I wouldn't put AHA on fresh new skin since it's more sensitive. So you should probably wait a few days to put it on
  10. fade95

    7th month on Yasmin

    Thanks, I hope so too! I just hope that Yasmin will also control my acne on my forehead eventually. If it doesn't help within another 2 to 3 months, I want to give Tretinoin a try
  11. Back at acne.org again! It's been a few months since my last update. My hyperpigmentation on my cheeks faded a lot, I assume it's because of the weekly 1% retinol treamtent of Paula's Choice. Before I used Yasmin I rarely broke out on my cheeks, but in the first couple of weeks of using Yasmin I broke out like crazy (See other posts for pictures). My cheeks cleared up and pimples are not coming back. I'm glad that my cheeks aren't a problem area anymore.. HOWEVER my forehead has a different
  12. Ah same The last 2 months I constantly keep breaking out. Yeah I hope it will work eventually. Maybe even after a year? Anyway I'm deff not going to quit with BC. I still have high hopes for the future. And same, I'm not going to try out new vitamins, topical creams or whatever is left (not much tho Xd) About the cramps I don't have them anymore. Are yours really bad?
  13. Me again here. Me with the same problem here. Guess it were not those 3 months we were waiting for to get clear skin... Are you going to try something new? It's so weird, acne has all to do with hormones, we are taking pills to get steady hormones for over a half year and the pimples are still coming
  14. Pimples under the skin are so frustrating.. I should delete my last comment. I guess we were too hopefull :(
  15. I use a cottonpad with Garnier Miccellair water to get the dirt of my face. I'll wash it off just with water. I pat my face dry with tissues and put 5 times a week every morning and evening 2% bha lotion from paula's choice on my whole face. The other 2 days (mostly tuesday and friday) I use 1% retinol treatment from Paula's choice. I always use my cetaphil moisturizer, can't live without it. Pretty simple, but it kinda keeps my face okay. Hopefully it works for hyperpigmentation in the long ter