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  1. It sounds like you really just need to see a dermatologist. I'm also 20 years old, and put off seeing a doctor for years about my skin, thinking I could get rid of it myself, or it would just go away - unfortunately it only got worse. Anyways originally I was put on antibiotics, but in my opinion they are completely useless for severe acne & only ease the acne while you are on them, only to come back worse after you stop taking them. My doctor had me try two types of antibiotics neither work
  2. If your boyfriend was disgusted by your acne, he wouldn't be much of a boyfriend! If you love someone and are in a relationship with someone, acne really shouldn't have anything to do with it. In a relationship its all about accepting each others flaws, and loving each other for who you are. I'm sure your boyfriend wound't be disgusted by your acne if he really did care for you. You would be beautiful no matter what.
  3. I'm sorry to hear this mate, I know how horrible it is to wake up every day and look in the mirror only to realise more pimples have popped up! I'm in a similar situation, but you can't let acne hold you back. I know its hard, but you really need to try and push forward, it really isn't worth wasting your life and opportunities over acne. I'm 21 on the 26th of Feb next year and I basically haven't done anything with my life, I've let my acne & depression rule my life. And the longer you go w
  4. I do this all the time unfortunately. What you have to remember is if you're going to a social get together with friends or family, they aren't going to be judging you because of your skin, there is nothing to be ashamed of - this is easier said than done of course, considering I have put off going out places many times because of my skin, even if it is friends and family. Actually I'm kind of dreading Christmas day because a whole bunch of my family is coming over, and my skin is literally the
  5. Of course you can. A lot of teenagers your age will suffer from some form of acne at some point. The ones that don't get even a pimple on there face are very lucky is all I can say. Try not to think about what others might be thinking about you, because at the end of the day it doesn't matter what they think. Also remember, people in general aren't ever going to judge you because of your skin, & if they do they aren't a very nice person & are probably insecure themselves. Unfortunately t
  6. Thank you for the reply. I'm so sorry to hear that We all deserve to be happy, & its horrible to know that there's so many people out there going through the same thing, when they really shouldn't have to at all. I really hope you can start to move forward also, its never too late. That's terrible It really is uncomfortable being in social situations knowing your skin is bad. Going out in public and being around people just drains me of energy! I've been on roaccutane for a bit o
  7. This sounds very similar to my situation. I'm saddened to read this, I know how you feel. Having bad skin is basically the icing on top for me, on a really bad cake haha. It is also hard for me to want to interact with other people including my friends and family because of my skin, which is horrible, because I consider myself to be a real people person. I love spending time with my friends and family, and interacting with other people in general, unfortunately my personality gets hidden away un
  8. I'm sorry to hear that Its a horrible way to live. For so long I have done the same thing & still am. But It does help a lot having supportive, caring parents. I've started seeing a psychologist and I am also in my 2nd week of taking Oratane. Which seems to be working already without any adverse side effects yet, or any side effects at all, apart from dry skin. You're right though, being on this treatment now and my dermatologist being very confident that it will clear up my skin completely
  9. Thank you for the reply That basically sounds like what I've done/do. Its not fair that this horrible condition constricts peoples lives like it has ours at points in times. Thanks for sharing your story, its given me even more confidence and hope for the future!
  10. Thank you so much for the reply, it means a lot! I'm sorry to hear you have had to suffer with acne for so long, that's terrible I can't imagine having the same kind of acne I have right now for another 10 years. Not only does it look horrible, its really painful. I also have an appointment booked with a psychologist, forgot to mention that in the post. So hopefully she will be able to do the same for me. My parents are very supportive & I feel terrible the way I have treated them during t
  11. To cut a long story short I've had bad skin since I was in grade 9-10 onward. Strangely enough it started on my back back, chest and shoulders as a rash, then my face started to break out in grade 11 and got gradually worse since then. Anyway, along with my acne & other personal issues, I have struggled with depression for as long as I care to remember. After I finished school I basically became a hermit & secluded myself from the world even my parents & I would never find my self ab