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  1. In order for it to have enough suction to suck dirt out of pore, it would also need to suck your face right off!
  2. You can get 4% lidocaine online and at some drugstores. Personally, I use a 10% lidocaine cream that I was able to get from the spa...and even with that I feel the pain. So, about 10-15 minutes before I go in I use some ice packs to help numb some more-this really helps me a lot. I hardly feel it at all! I put it on at the office and it soaks in after a little while so you should be alright when you leave. I have never heard of the plastic wrap... I put the cream on a good 2 or more hours before
  3. I tried the 20% from natural skin shop. I have to say that this is the best peel I have done so far. From reading various sites I know that ph has a lot to do with how well peels work. Does anyone know the ph of any of these SA peels?
  4. I completed treatment number 8. I can say at least 50% Improvement. It has been hitting my box and rolling scars well. Some things I’ve learned: get to the highest setting you can stand. I think the first treatment were to low of setting for me. I got a new tech and she was more liberal with it...up to 14 now. Use 10% numb cream, and about 10 minutes before-ice your face up real good. I found ice really helps! My advice on this treatment is that if you just plan to get 2 or 3 treatments
  5. I just did number 8...at a minimum I would say 50% improvement.
  6. Do a search for smoothbeam on this site. I have been getting good results from it for rolling and box scars....
  7. You can get it from Aubry Organics just do a search...I think its under 20 dollars for it. Mr Aubry included it in the book he wrote about skin care and talks about it healing some scars...though they were not acne scars. He even includes the pictures. He, to my knowledge, was the first one to offer rose hip oil to the public. He has several products with it inside. He also states it can break you out if you have oily skin. I have tried it in the past and can't say it really did anything for me
  8. It can depend on how bad the scaring is. Two months ago the sb nurse came by to train. She basically said you can do sb as long as you want to. The 6 treatments is a good start, but some may need more...
  9. I've been doing smoothbeam for the past 6 months, just had my 8th (I think) treatment. My scaring is very severe from cystic acne (rolling and box types mostly)....I had it before accutane came out. I've had one CO2 in the late 90's...provided minimal help. So, here is my philosophy on smoothbeam. It works, but it takes time... I have definitely seen results, not sure I can give you some kind of percentage though. However, my friends and co-workers say there is a great improvement! There were ti
  10. If any of you are writing him, maybe you could see if some of his patients would like to post on this site...