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    Hiking and trail running with my husky and husby, anything outdoors, herbalism, artsy stuff, etc.
  1. I started thinking that maybe my last post was a little spammy so I'm just gonna say real quick that I am in no way affiliated with Clarisonic or any distributor. I've been lusting after one for about a year now and scored a good Black Friday deal lol so that being said - DANG! It has been so cool and dry in SoCal lately, my skin will not stop looking red and peeling! I don't want to kick Triretnoin from my regimen so I decided I'm going to back off the Clarisonic a little bit and only do it
  2. So I just tried my Mia 2 for the first time in the shower this morning... I applied my Avar Sulfur wash straight to the brush and got down to business. It was interesting, I think it'll take a few tries for me to really get the hang of it but here's how I approached it: Started on my chin and worked my way around clockwise - I wanted the worst/greasiest part of my acne on the left side of my face to be last so I didn't spread it around on my face. I noticed after my face felt incredibly soft.
  3. I got a Clarisonic Mia 2! Wish me luck :wiggle:

    1. Hey! I'm new to this community and my side effects with Spiro are what inspired me to sign up for acne.org so hopefully I can get some feedback on this coz I'm completely at a loss with how to combat these side effects. Maybe I should start another thread for this?I started taking Spiro 25mg once daily around the last week of August. I felt a little dizzy, light headed at first but I made sure to stay hydrated and I was fine. In combination with the BC i was taking, Spiro worked almost immediate