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  1. oh and i jus noticed cetaphil moisturizer also got Citric acid and Sodium Hydroxide!!! aren't they skin irritants too? btw i checked out this other product called Bio-lotion, have u guys used it , i bought it recently used it for a while nad my face grown lil pimples and it was itching, i didn't use it together with cetaphil btw, and i noticed Bio-lotion has these skin irritants: Lavender Eugenol Limonene Linalool its gonna be hard to find a right moisturizer, i think its best not to use any m
  2. Cetaphil moisturizing lotion contains BENZYL ALCOHOL! its banned as per this topic. i think i know now why my skin was itching for a few days since i used it, now that i stopped using it, the itchings alleviated
  3. hey has anyone noticed small breakouts from the showa? i take a showa usual for 30 min twice a day, then i dropped it to one, but still somtime they pop out in small shapes, and the other thing is i am not so sure bout using a moisturizer cuz i dont wana use any chemicals at the moment, dont wanna risk it
  4. hi, the regiment tells us to use moisturizer on top of the BP layer, now my BP (benzac water based gel 2.5%) advises not to mix it with cosmetics with alcohol in it. what should i follow? and the other question is the regiment doesn't say whether i should wash the bp off when i wake up in the morning or not!
  5. huh? lol cumon man plz u think i want a pimple whether white or black? sumone sum advise plz
  6. hi, i got a white head pimple and i started using Benzac AC water gel topical version of it 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. well i am using it as instructed by the lil booklet and it said to use it for 2 hours for the first 3 days then leave it on for the whole night. well after 2 days i have done that, i.e. used it for 2 hours each day. the whiteheads gone whiter :s and its a lil bigger now, i am not sure if i should stop. the difference isnt drastic but it seems a little bigger and gone whiter on the t