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  1. I'm currently having smoothbeam treatments but feel that dermabrasion may be more helpful. Does anyone know if the procedures can they be done concurrently?
  2. Has anyone tried dermaplanning before? I'm doing some research on it and I was wondering if it worked for anyone. Are there any side effects and how costly was it for you? Thanks.
  3. yea, i've tried it in the past before. in the beginning i used it for indented scars and i think the glycolic acid worked for awhile in making the skin smoother. but after awhile it seemed to stop helping it so i stopped. i used it for red spots too but it didn't seem to work too well either. it made my skin dry and flaky. i think you should try it though for it seems to work well for other skin tones.
  4. hi guys, has anyone ever had v-beam and smoothbeam combined during the treatments? i'm worried that it might be too much laser for the skin. did anyone have any good or bad experience with both of them for acne scars that are indented. my derm is charging 250$ for each treatment of both smoothbeam and v-beam. she said about 5 treatments would work. has anyone gotten any bad side effects with either? i've done the search for both on this board, my derm says v-beam helps stimultates colleg
  5. hi guys, I'm getting my first smoothbeam treatment next week and i am hoping that it will work for my indented scars. the treatment at this office is done by a nurse practitioner and not by the dermatologist himself. is the nurse as well trained as the doctor? has anyone had theirs done by the nurse rather than the doctor. i didn't worry about it until my mother began to really worry about the nurse not having as much experience. please help me out with any advice or personal experience.
  6. jcc


    Has anyone ever had saline injections for indented scars before?
  7. What's a local anethestic? Does anyone know any good surgeons around Los Angeles or how to find one?
  8. I am getting interested in this punch excision technique. Do you have to be put to sleep when you get the procedure done? Is going once usually enough? How many times after do you have to go?
  9. hi, i've read a lot of posts about these cloths before, and they have gotten me really interested in buying them, but before i take the plunge on another product that claims to help scars, could i just get some testimonials to if it actually helps improve the appearance of pitted acne scars or not? thanks a lot
  10. Has anyone ever tried Strivectin for pitted acne scars before? I was asking around the beauty counters in the mall and they all recommended me to that. It's so expensive though, I wanted to get some advice and testimonials before I tried it.
  11. I had problematic skin with cystic acne and blackhead, oily skin and both dark spots from previous acne, and indented scars from accutane. I tried everything from elicina to proactive, but all might have worked for a period of time and everything came back after a while. Somehow after trying so many regimens, I seemed to find one that works for me and might help others too. I started using Nature's Cure from Long's drug store after I thought nothing was working and maybe I needed to try som
  12. i get a lot of cystic acne and am desperate to find something that works. has anyone ever tried acnevention before? http://www.acnevention.com/main.html i really want to get some opinions before i order it. please reply if you've tried it or heard something about it before. thanks!