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  1. I never used the regimen for my body even though i do have quite a bit of backne, but im only conerned with my face. I would say that this would be fine. The Benzoyl Peroxide is what is going to clear your acne, the moisturizer is simply there to prevent dryness. AHA is used for the body because the skin on your body isn't as sensitive as your face, and thus will help exfoliate the area quite a bit and increase cell turnover. However, AHA can also be put on your face every other day or so once y
  2. Hey SizableBiking, I would recommend not starting the AHA yet, It will cause severe redness and irritation if your skin is not yet ready for it. Flaking and Dryness happen because of the BP obviously, especially while your skin is still adjusting. Dan's moisturizer, while being very soothing, does not hydrate the skin a heck of a lot unfortunately which is why i use Vanicream lite lotion now. I would not suggest switching moisturizers for a while though as you should stick with the regimen produ
  3. I think you guys are just fine, this BP takes a long time to get used to. Everyone experiences this, Trust me, after doing the Regimen a year my skin didn't stop with redness for at least 2 months I'd say. Make sure you are only doing once a day at first and following it precisely. You can always try a different moisturizer after you let your skin adjust a bit more too, but for now I would stick with the regimen moisturizer. I use Vanicream lite lotion because Dans moisturizer made me shiny and
  4. Your acne doesn't look bad AT ALL. VERY mild. don't panic or stress, I can seriously barely even notice the red bumps on your skin. continue doing whatever regimen you have and you can see a dermatologist at your earliest convenience. stressing and constantly looking at your skin will only make it worse, as our bodies can actually produce acne because of stress. Just wash your skin and treat it with whatever you are using and thats it. just leave it. don't touch it, don't pick your skin and it w
  5. Yep done this many times, Quadboy is right, for tonight, skip BP and you can use the moisturizer. However what I did to fix this issue was washed my skin, applied a cold compress (cold damp washcloth) to the area for a minute or two, and then put on aloe vera lotion ( banana boat) i think it is and you can also put your moisturizer on, I use vanicream lotion which works well. But if you do not have these things, skip BP in this area, wash your skin, and just leave it or moisturize. For me I had
  6. This is common, i rarely seem to have trouble with acne on my forehead, just genetics i suppose. But if you only have these small bumps on your forehead, you may be able to get away with just treating it with a mild topical, see a dermatologist and see what they say.
  7. I have not done the body regimen as I do not care about my backne, is what it is. However, I know how all of the products work and I am sure that it will work for your entire body. Use enough Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid to cover the areas in which you are applying to.
  8. I've personally never tried any SA or BP face washes, I usually just use the actual thing and leave it on all day (I use the regimen now). If it is a face wash, I can't imagine that you should be leaving it on your skin. You should be able to apply it and then rinse your face and wash it right off. If you are looking for a treatment to really soak into your skin and stay there, i would just use a benzoyl peroxide topical. I believe those face washes are designed for the product to soak into your
  9. Only the treatment contains benzoyl peroxide, 2.5%. which nobody's skin reacts well to at first, you'll begin to adjust to it in time, make sure you start with a very little amount. You can use just the cleanser and Benzoyl Peroxide and then use your own moisturizer. I use vanicream lite lotion as it seems to moisturize better and doesn't make my face quite as shiny.
  10. Not to be negative, but at your age acne is tough to control, your hormones are crazy, both boys and girls. around your age my acne was probably the worst it ever was just because of all the changes going on in your body, as weird as that sounds. You could always try the regimen, It has worked for me for over a year although I am 22 now. I know you said you have very dry sensitive skin but you may just need to find a good moisturizer for your skin. As for other factors since you said it was so s
  11. Hi Mira, I had mild acne when I started the regimen myself but i would get some pretty nasty pimples so i decided to go for it. You certainly would not make your skin worse, this regimen is made to work for all kinds of acne and skin types. At first, your skin has to adjust to the products so initially you may notice red skin and a breakout or two, but following that your skin will start to clear. Your acne does not look bad at all to me though honestly, so it is really your call. You may be abl
  12. I'd recommend any face wash/cleanser that is fragrance free, and dye free and also non comodogenic. I have heard good things about cetaphil face wash, clean and clear face washes, and vanicream face wash. I believe they all have those properties, I know for sure vanicream face wash does as it is made for sensitive skin. I use their moisturizer. Honestly though I have used Dans (acne.org) cleanser for over a year with no issues. I use it to shave and everything. Either way, just make sure you was
  13. Before the regimen I used clean and clear spot treatment salicylic acid for a while. It worked pretty well but I never treated my entire face with it nor did I use it that much because it was very drying. From what I understand, Benzoyl Peroxide is more for mild to serious acne where salicylic acid is a good spot treatment, exfoliant, and something just to treat very mild cases of acne because it doesn't reduce sebum production or kill bacteria, only helps to unclog pores. I could be wrong thoug
  14. messing with cystic acne can cause some nasty scars. I had a cyst a while back that i tried popping and it caused a scar near the side of my mouth. I then picked the scab away and iced it and also used neosporin but no luck, it was just way too bad. its healed now for the most part but there is a nasty mark there. My advice to you: Let your body naturally heal it. I've had my experiences with these and the best thing you can do is just leave it alone. ice it maybe a couple times a day to reduce