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  1. aznboy

    hmm....pictures of me eh

    basically....random pics inspired through boredom
  2. wow! congratz. that's excellent! although, wow it seems a lot of work to constantly wash towels and such but i'd probably do the same seeing results such as urs.
  3. i started getting acne around 16, which turned into cystic acne and discovered my correct regimen during last semester. so, now i'm basically acne free at the age of 20. although, if i stop my regimen, i'm sure hell will break loose on my skin.
  4. I had cystic acne for years but when i started applying aloe vera gel, they rapidly disappeared. within a week my acne was noticeably better. so, now i'm about 97% acne free. i get some randomly (maybe 1-2/week) but they're so minor, that i wouldn't call them pimples. now i have to figure out how to successfully unclog pores.
  5. wow your cute

  6. i can definitely wait for tomorrow to come around.
  7. check out aloe vera. i love the stuff...i used to drink (the azn drink) it all the time but now i just apply the gel topically to my skin. for me it works a little better than most of the stuff i've tried. i have similar skin condition but it's mostly concentrated on my forehead. natural alternatives (raw nature products) are usually better for the body. u can get a bottle of fruit of the earth aloe vera gel for a cheap price at walmart (or equivalent store).
  8. nope ur not the only one! yeah seriously...that thing doesn't look like something that extracts blackheads. i'm tempted to purchase one.
  9. yes i'm sure of it. i started using it about 2 weeks ago and experienced good results. here's a link to the acne.org product review for the aloe vera gel.
  10. you can try applying aloe vera to ur skin to reduce irritation and accelerate healing.
  11. mine usually is combined with a solid mass under the skin, which is troublesome to remove if large. i had a large one on my nose...idk wut i was thinking but i tried removing it...i got it out but it ripped out a good size piece of my skin. i'm suprised i don't have a more noticeable scar.